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  2. Offenders: Fertminster (76561198042480262) (279376194) Screech (76561198017917817) (21983376) F1lthy (76561198340375872) (287409909) Big_C343 (76561198160187740) (437768626) Time: 05:31pm PST Length: Permanent Reason: Trio Rule Violation - Players are not allowed to run around in groups of more than 3. Proof:
  3. Rustafied

    Electricity in Rust!

    An exciting new dynamic is making its way in game this month - electricity has struck the staging branch. A work in progress, many electricity related items have been added, and the base of this new functionality is taking shape. This article summarizes the core components of electricity in Rust as it stands now. Keep in mind, this is still in active development, and much is subject to change prior to going live in the game. Given this, I’m not delving too deep into specific costs and numbers, as they are likely not finalized. Wire ToolThe fundamental connection between all these new items, the Wire Tool is a core component of electricity. To use it, simply equip, right click on an electrical object, select your choice on the wheel, and then connect to another object. You can also left click while dragging the wire to pin it to that part of the wall or floor. Small generatorThe first step to powering anything is to find a source of electricity of course! That’s where the small generator comes into play. Placed on the ground or a shelf, the small generator produces power for up to 3 external sources. At the moment, it doesn’t require any fuel, but I expect that to change prior to this functionality going live. Large Solar PanelAnother source of power, Large Solar Panels can be placed around and used to provide items electricity. As you probably guessed, this only provides power when the sun is actively hitting the panels. For example, if you attach a solar panel directly to a door controller, it’ll keep the door open during the day, then shut it at night. You can also connect solar panels to rechargeable batteries, to store the power for a later time (although that functionality may not be totally working as intended at the moment). Small Rechargeable BatteryNext on the list is the Small Rechargeable Battery. Connect it to a solar panel to charge up over time. You can then connect this to a switch or other electrical component to provide it with power. Simple lightOne obvious use of electricity is to keep the lights on in your base. Enter: the Simple Light. Mounted on a wall, the simple light provides a nice source of illumination when power is flowing. Laser detectorStepping into the realm of base defense, the laser detector is a gate which allows power to flow when someone has stepped in the beam. Pressure padIf you’ve always wanted a way to make doors less of a hassle, the Pressure Pad will surely interest you. Placed on the floor, this pad will allow power to pass though when a player is standing on it. This can easily be hooked up to door controllers to open doors automatically. Door controllerSpeaking of, the Door Controller allows for doors to open and close based on the source of power. When power is received, the door controller will open the attached door. When power is lost, it’ll close said door. SwitchThere have also been a number of switches and logic gates added for electricity. Most simplistic, the switch allows for power to pass through when in the on position and stops the flow of electricity when in the off position. And switchA slight variation of the simple switch, the And Switch will allow electricity to pass through only when both inputs receive power. Or switchSimilar to the And Switch, the Or Switch also has two power inputs. It, however, will allow electricity to pass through if either of the two inputs receives power. Timer switchThere is also a Timer Switch. As you probably can imagine, this switch will allow power to pass though for a period of time (around 10 seconds at the moment) and can be activated manually or via an active power input. SplitterNeed to spread the electricity around a bit? The splitter will be the tool of choice for you. With this device, you can split an electrical signal into 4 outputs. Keep in mind, this can only split power from a generator once, and can not split power coming from a splitter. BlockerAs the name implies, the Blocker can be used to block power. With 1 output and 2 inputs, the Blocker stops electricity from flowing if it’s receiving power from the other input. This can be utilized to set up some interesting situations, such as having lights turn on only when the sun has set.
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  5. Facepunch

    Community Update 207

    [rust.facepunch.com] Charitable Rust, art, base tours, maps, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
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  7. RustEZ Casual's first Purge for this month is tomorrow on November 13th! Get ready to defend your base and have fun slaughtering your friends before the biweekly wipe on November 15th! Not a regular player? No worries! By typing /pvp in chat you get a 2x gather rate, so feel free to use that to your advantage to get caught up! Type define pvp in chat for more information about where PVP zones are located. Just remember that raiding and PVP will be fully activated once the Purge starts, but toxicity, harassment, and hate speech will not be tolerated as per usual. Trio rules apply, if you see a group of more than three during the Purge report it to an admin. The Purge will start on November 13th at 12PM EST. Have fun! (This only applies to RustEZ Casual, the other RustEZ servers will wipe on the December 6th forcewipe. Server rules on the other servers have not changed.)
  8. Short but fun. I made a boat course on PurePVE UK, so that you can safely take a boat upstream all the way to the military tunnels.
  9. Death

    Electrical fuse

    There is no way of altering stack sizes on a vanilla server.
  10. @Mikejuh The post was made when the ticket system was offline. I've edited it to point to the appropriate place!
  11. Smokey 420

    (US Pure) USA #1 - Banned

    Offender: USA #1 (76561198145434605) Time: 9:46pm EST Length: Permanent Reason: Stealing/Looting/Raiding - Player entered another person(s) base and stole what they could. Upon speaking to him and clearly explaining the rules , he exaggerated his responses which prompted more following. A few minutes later he broke into a base by hacking the wall down. Upon beginning to speak to him he logged before any other talks could resume. Proof:
  12. i was told by an admin to make a ticket on the site and not in #help in discord as stated in the announcement
  13. that's right: i believe you need to make a ticket in help.
  14. i heard from a admin that it dose not anymore if so i need a refund
  15. Ben

    Electrical fuse

    Hi, It would be nice if we could stack electrical fuse, maybe like x10 or so. Server UK pure.
  16. Death

    MY shop is gone!

    Moved to:
  17. tribrats

    MY shop is gone!

    Which server is this on?
  18. Kraum

    MY shop is gone!

    Good morning Admins! I logged in this morning and went out to check my shop and it was gone! i had a 1X1 in front of my house with its own TC in side with enough materials for 42 days. I had A lot of loot in there for sale, Guns, Ammo, and a huge stack of pookie bears!!!!! not to mention my donation box and the building materials. I am not the only one who lost their shop too. Please let me know if there was a glitch. Thanks!!! Kraum
  19. dpia64

    US Scourge Underwater Mazerunner

    I got first place? I wasn’t expecting that lol
  20. Battlebear47

    US Scourge Underwater Mazerunner

    Oh hey! Third place~
  21. Ramencup

    US Scourge Underwater Mazerunner

    Thank you to those who participated in the event! Winners 1st place: DPIA $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place: Carnage889 $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place: Battlebear47 5 supply signals DPIA Time: 8:04.66 Carnage889 Time: 8:18.72 Battlebear4 Time: 8:19.04
  22. Trifeel

    Attack's Rusty Warrior Event

    You are all invited to come join the survival admins in *theattackchef's* very own designed event. When: November 24th Time: 6:00PM Eastern Where: US Survival Rules: Players will be started at a starting location. There will be obstacles that are clearly meant to be traversed. All players will start at the same time /event command will return you to starting line to restart if you die while attempting obstacles building will be disabled for the course, and no use of sleeping bags will be allowed Admins will be watching and yelling at you like your coach did in high school THIS IS NOT A SAFE EVENT (deaths are going to happen) Prizes: The First 3 players to place on the platform will win the main prizes. Each additional player that finishes the course will recieve a supply drop to use this wipe or next. 1st place 10$ RustEZ Store Credit 2nd place 5$ RustEZ Store Credit 3rd place 5 supply drops (this wipe or next)
  23. Popped down the tunnels again, but just with basic, early game stuff (Hazmat and Semi-Auto Rifle).
  24. tribrats

    Special thanks to the UK Pure admin tribrats

    Thanks! We're working hard to help everyone and appreciate the warm welcome we've received. It's been a pleasure getting to know everyone!
  25. Bonk Eyed Bill

    Solo Military Tunnels Short Run (UK PurePVE)

    Hello all, I dedcided to have a go at some youtube shenanigans and filmed a short run down the military tunnels with an AK and Bolt. It's just the "short run" that's straight down, 4 elite crates and back up again. Will do a full run a little later.....when I can be bothered to go get some blue/red cards :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dgmd5wm0gIs
  26. Meluno

    Special thanks to the UK Pure admin tribrats

    I agree . Thanks to the staff for the big help and the awsome work. Cheers .
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