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  2. Umm, did server viped, or someone "played" around 2 much?
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  4. July 21st Event Winners: 1) Mastery_7_Jhin - Gold Egg 2) Fart Stinklebutt - Gold Egg 3) Jelly Belly - Gold Egg Final Match: 1) BlueBothan - $10 RustEZ credit 2) Dicko A La Mode - $5 RustEZ credit 3) Mastery_7_Jhin - $5 RustEZ credit
  5. Where is it? AU Scourge - all RustEZ servers welcome to participate! 😍 What is it? Come join the fun of the Tri-vehicle Triathlon at AU Scourge. Everyone is invited from all RustEZ Servers to join our horse race around a designated road track. When is it? Date: Saturday 27th July 2019 Time: 10:00 am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) For our US/Northern Hemisphere Friends: that is July 26th 2019 8:00 PM EDT/EST (I think) How it works You will use /event to join nekkid. You will not have access to your backpack. You will be given an outfit, some fuel, pumpkins and a starting item of currency The starting item of unique currency will be used in the THREE Checkpoint vending machines, the item you ‘buy’ will be used in the Checkpoint vending machine and so on, until you get to the end. There will be three checkpoints and three places where you change vehicle. If you die, use /event to re-join the race without using your credits/caps. Prizes will be awarded after the races. Rules No weapons of any kind Stay on the marked racetrack No damaging or stealing other players vehicles – you will be disqualified. Prizes The first three across the finish line, for next wipe, will receive: (1st) Golden Egg + Supply signal x2 + Present (2nd) Supply Signal x2 + Present (3rd) Supply Signal x1 + Present
  6. Turrets in outpost are not shooting when players hit things near or pull weapons. Timer is also not resetting when it's triggered and you re-enter.
  7. I remember this conversation in game. Football event, or since its PVE could it be Zombie-ball event? A giant foot ball field with an object to pick up in the center that players cant spawn like golden eggs, cake ect. We have to rush the item to a goal, making it through zombies and traps. It could be teams possibly, if a player dies, a team mate could pick up the item and keep going? The goal could be some sort of safety cage with a box to put the item in.
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  9. the power to the shooting range I made last wipe
  10. yeah built it for the bow challenge :)))
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  12. Landed on a sniper tower on top of a mountain, I believe it to be the highest point on the map. I think it's DemonPotato's tower, not sure.
  13. I was thinking about the Kerplunk/Panic Platforms event, and it made me think of something like Jenga. You take turns with a salvage hammer, trying to destroy parts of a tower/building without causing enough instability to destroy the parts above it. It would probably work best with a smaller selection of players or it might be hard to tell who wins, with a base at least wide enough that everyone has a chance to not lose on the first round. When a player causes extra demolishing, they're removed from the game, until one winner is left.
  14. Offender: p1xeL (Battle)(Steam) Server: EU Pure Time: 17:20PM GMT+2 Length: Permanent Reason: Raiding /Griefing Additional info: Player raided and griefed multiple bases, all the loot he didnt need he just threw out to make it despawn. He even went as far as to destroy the loot boxes to remove evidence. When confronted with me, he didnt showed any respect and kept shooting me in the face and run away. The sneaky basterd also killed himself and let him respawn at the beach to make it harder for us to track down his base.. (Wich we found anyway) Concidering he made a big mess in only 3 hours, didnt showed any respect for admins and he played on other RustEZ servers in the past. I gave him an organization wide ban to protect our players. Proof: (There is a lot more evidence avaible upon request)
  15. Advised to send a bug report, here it is. Small furnaces are requiring wood to smelt. Do not have access to a large to test it. Refineries also are requiring wood to work, where several days ago they did not.
  16. Sweet, thanks for info. Just in time for me to start hanging up some frames
  17. I was getting frustrated with some of my images being warped and in the wrong proportions, and did a bit of research. I did find an old website with the measurements via wayback machine, but it is very inaccurate for some of the signs. I ended up submitting a question to Facepunch and they sent me this list: Double Sign Post 256 256 Huge Wooden Sign 512 128 Landscape Picture Frame 256 128 Large Banner Hanging 64 256 Large Banner on Pole 64 256 Large Wooden Sign 256 128 One Sided Town Sign Post 256 128 Portrait Picture Frame 128 256 Single Sign Post 128 64 Small Wooden Sign 128 64 Spinning Wheel 285 285 Tall Picture frame 128 512 Two Sided Hanging sign 128 256 Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign 256 128 Two Sided Town Sign Post 256 128 Wooden Sign 256 128 XL Picture Frame 512 512 XXL Picture Frame 1024 512 I hope people find this helpful. Cheers, ScarletFox
  18. I love it! To add to that, teams could do it together and it could split the caps between the teammates. If someone wants to do a heli they would have to play more to keep their caps up. Win Win.
  19. So last night when I logged in there was an issue between a couple players about stealing the Heli or stealing Heli loot. People were talking about different ways to handle the issue. Another server that I play on has a Heli tower and Bradley bunker "Warp Point". Player's use their in game RP to Purchase a Bradley Spawn or Heli Spawn. It is their spawn and they are the only ones allowed to loot the boxes. It would work like the personal airdrops that people call in.
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