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  2. Death

    Order #3798

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Death

    Order #3798

    Refunded into account credit to be used again at any time. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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  5. Foodstamp Eddie

    Have some music on me...

    This is a live set I played a couple of years ago. I don't know how many of you are into Drum & Bass, but I play mostly heavier techstep and neurofunk and thought some of you may enjoy this mix. I've got more on my profile there. I'm playing quite a few shows and festivals for the rest of the summer and will try to remember to record those sets and upload them as well. Hope you like what I do. ❤️
  6. Elegant Ka0s

    Order #3798

    Ordered 5 supply drops an hour ago, still haven't received them. View full ticket
  7. Elegant Ka0s

    Order #3798

    Ordered 5 supply drops an hour ago, still haven't received them.
  8. Due to the fact that some technical issues surrounding network configuration has yet to be fixed for some time, we'll be migrating over to a new IP to once again maintain a stable network cluster. This means all EZ servers will be changing IPs as well as migrating to a new US EAST data center which is roughly only 30 miles away from where we are now. You shouldn't notice any significant ping loss. Casual July 21st 12:00 AM EST Survival July 22nd 12:00 AM EST Pure July 23rd 12:00 AM EST Once we change IPs our servers will drop from your favorites and history tab. Simply search RustEZ under Community or Modded tab to find our servers again. If you need assistance we'll be more than happy to help.
  9. Trifeel


  10. Murfet

    August Events

    Vote on what you would like to happen for the PreWipe events! Post below any suggestions you may have.
  11. V0nyx


    can i have my pumpjack placed on survival please, i'm online now.
  12. Yesterday
  13. hey king, the glass windows are just like a wall; the heli can't see you through those so make it a priority to place those asap. closed shudders work with any of the window bars but no window bar with a closed shudder doesnt work, which makes no sense. one time MeowfulMint and i were sitting in the top floor of her store. all her windows had no bars but had closed shudders; the heli did not fire on us but it orbited her store until the timer was up.
  14. Rustafied

    RHIB Event and more.

    We’re at the halfway point for Rust development this month and the team is working on new functionality. Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day. RHIB event progressHelk is building out some AI for new server events, the first of which being the Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (or RHIB). After being partially implemented last month, the RHIB now has fuel and engine functionality, along with with some fixed issues with collision. Although not fully flushed out yet, it is expected this event will occur at certain intervals on each server, and feature scientist NPC’s traveling across the water in the RHIB. Players will then be able to engage the NPC’s in an attempt to take control of the RHIB. Larger than the rowboats found along the shore, the RHIB seats up to 6 people, has a small wood storage, 1000 health, and moves much faster. It is unknown at the moment as to exactly how many NPC’s will be on each boat, how hostile they’ll be to other players, or exactly how often they will show up. As always, we’ll keep you posted as this functionality is built out. Procgen nativeAndre has continued his work on the procgen native branch. As with most commits with the word ‘procgen’ in them, this project will likely involve some tweaks / changes to terrain generation in the game. Still a little shrouded in mystery, it’s not completely clear what exactly or how significant these shifts may be. That said, I do have a hunch it’ll include the new swamp areas coming with Bandit town (and maybe some changes to river placement). Bandit townSpeaking of Bandit town, work continues on the art and implementation of this newest of monuments. Expected to go live with the next update on August 2nd, this new location will not only be visually stimulating, but stands to have some new gameplay dynamics interjected with it.
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  16. Murfet

    Banned: billmns

    Time: 8:29pm Length: Permanent Reason: Raiding griefing and stealing Stealing/Raiding in any form is not allowed on the Pure PVE Server. PVE is player vs Environment. There are rules you must abide by to play here. Additional Info: I was notified by GCThom that someone had placed a TC inside his base damaged out walls placed ladders all over his base as well as stole a good portion of his raw materials. Proof: *additonal screenshots available upon request*
  17. Death

    LGF Theft

    Changed Status to Closed
  18. Foodstamp Eddie

    Come Play Combat Tanks on Survival! July 17th 7pm est

    This was extremely fun to watch! My only suggestion is to either make the observation deck higher and in the center, or to make it wrap all the way around the arena. That way more of the play area is visible to spectators. Thanks for putting this event on!
  19. Rewards distributed, congrats!
  20. Code raided another players base. Stole many chest worth of loot. Also found looting many other players (bodies/chests) in the surrounding area. Tried to hide from admins by killing himself when he logged out. Proof
  21. I had to leave for the event for work, so I only have one screenshot.
  22. Thanks Murfet. That was fun 😁
  23. Congrats to our winners ! xX_D3m0n_Xx ($15 store credit) Elegant Ka0s ($10 store credit) Skipping ($10 store credit) Thank everyone for participating and just spectating too! Without you we can't have events ❤️
  24. Murfet

    Banned: Fastik

    Time: 12:16pm Length: Permanent Reason: Raiding/Stealing Stealing/Raiding in any form is not allowed on the Pure PVE Server. PVE is player vs Environment. There are rules you must abide by to play here. Additional Info: Made multiple trips and broke into Osmodeus's shop numerous times to clear out the entire shop and storage of all goods. Additional Screenshots available on request.
  25. Facepunch

    Community Update 193

    Watery worlds, desks you can drive on, and more. https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/community-update-193/
  26. inferno666


    @Foodstamp Eddie all done for you
  27. Foodstamp Eddie


    Requesting pump jack placement. Thanks in advance! Foodstamp Eddie
  28. Murfet


    @Coronaking placed ❤️
  29. Coronaking


    Pump jack placement
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