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  2. Lets say i got AK1 on my bar, slot 1. 58% health I got one in my backpack AK2, and I drag and drop it onto the position 1. They don't swap location. They do nothing but go back to where they were (AK1 never moved, AK2 just goes back to starting position).
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  5. Death


    This system has changed! See:
  6. Offender: Fondoo the Magician (steam) (BattleMetrics) Server: US Pure Time: 3:42PM EST Length: Permanent Reason: Player was previously warned for using racist content, language, and username on 11/23/2018 for racism as per requested evidence. Player was banned for these listed server wide infractions. Player returned on a new account that was verified by IP address and server chat triggers. Upon return, player was again banned for previous infractions and ban evasion. Proof: IP address
  7. @Boning when NPC ai become more refined this is already planned. In their current state, it'd just cause extreme server lag.
  8. what about adding where u have to defend ur base from zombie horde every so often kinda keep ur on ur toe and make base building more viable
  9. Changelog Chat commands fixed New share system released Loot All exploits patched Accessing player corpse and backpacks are now using the team system rather than friends Deployable's with the option to be picked up now use TC auth rather than friend checks The bug preventing players from accessing vending machines or drop boxes while too close has been fixed Unauthorized players can no longer see the contents of a container by spamming the USE key AI logic has been improved for better client performance Major code clean up for better server performance Several NRE fixes Several performance improvements More on the new share system:
  10. The container share system has been rewritten from the ground up introducing an easier way to share containers. Instead of commands, players will now see a "Share Container" button located at the bottom right of the container's loot panel. Only the owner of the container can share it until the new team system is released. (Release date not set yet.) All previously shared containers will no longer be public and should be re-shared using the new system. In addition to the share change, we've made several improvements and optimizations to the PvE and anti-theft system. A couple of important key changes include, unauthorized players can no longer see the contents of containers by spamming the USE key thanks to a new method that returns the action before the panel is created. Lastly, a few exploits involving the loot all option has been patched. Other Changes Accessing player corpse and backpacks are now using the team system rather than friends. Everything will slowly be converted to teams and the removal of the friend system is planned. Deployable's with the option to be picked up now use TC auth rather than friend checks. The bug preventing players from accessing vending machines or drop boxes while too close has been fixed. Preview Rust 2019-03-21 07-36-34.mp4
  11. Sounds fun! What about my Pookie Cult!
  12. Aurora

    Night Fishing

    Because, why not?
  13. Knocking on Death's Door - Sunday, March 24 @ 8 PM EDT UPDATE: Admins need to reschedule this event for later in the week. Feel free to join us in other game content at this time, however. Come on down! You're the next contestant on Knocking on Death's Door! This time around it will be 12 players competing for the top three spots and the goodies rewarded for making it that far. The Rules are simple... The first 12 people to come into the event using the /event command and successfully grab a seat will be able to play. Once all of the seats have been filled we will start the game. During the game we will go in order and have players select a number 1-50 (that remains, of course) until everyone has been "knocked out" except for the final player. You are "knocked out" when the door behind you opens when another player or yourself picks your door lever. There will be up to 2 rounds of play with 12 people each. Admins will let players know at the start of the event if there will be 1 or 2 rounds. Note: Players who win a prize cannot claim a seat in additional rounds. Prizes (First Round): 1st Place - $10 store credit to RustEZ.com 2nd Place - $5 store credit to RustEZ.com 3rd Place - 3 Supply Signals Prizes (Second Round): TBD based on number of participants.
  14. Ah thank you! It seems i've been playing with Rust Staging Branch -version. Now installing plain Rust and hoping to enter the server again
  15. Usually that message means you haven't updated Rust at your end.Try update steam and restart Rust to update.Hope it helps.
  16. I have not been able to connect PVE server for several days now Could you update the server?
  17. I've seen a few player names/comments that have made me do a double take. If the admins feel something is not permitted, they will handle it. I'm from an older generation, so more than a few things are, in my view, too much. I do know though, one old lady's two cents is not really asked for in those situations. It's not my call. While I sometimes would love to be able to ignore players for whatever reason, I feel it's important that we not have an ignore or mute feature. I'd hate to see it end up as "If you don't like what they are saying/their username/etc, then ignore them.", with no other assistance being offered or given to players with troubles of that sort. I've seen it elsewhere. It's not a good thing. The system as it is, works. While not everyone can be 100% happy, in the end, it's hard to achieve perfection. The admin always do their best and try to look out for us all. That makes me a happy player.
  18. Keep an eye on the Announcements channel in Discord and in the forum thread. The RustEZ Casual server hosts some pretty fun PVP events and participants can usually claim any prizes on any RustEZ server. Much like Scourge events that we add to the Announcements, you don't have to be a "regular" on that server as admins usually provide the event gear and so on. If I'm online I usually try to find some Scourge players to join me on Casual for the events. Always a good time! =D
  19. Could you expand on this? I don't quite understand.
  20. The helicopter wars we can do :), seeing the helis take player damage still. If people want to blow each other up I am game to set something up for it. And I think i have a build that might be able to accommodate the event starting area already.
  21. I personally would like it if there were events w/ PvP, not so much PvP monuments, but allow a certain area cordoned off during an event with an alert to all players that "Grid E4 is now PvP, all players must join /event to participate." I wouldn't want traditional PvP, more of something like a Gladiator Arena where everyone only gets bows, a butcher knife, throwable only machetes, or any other weird weapons. In addition, helicopter wars where players can do 2-man teams and last team flying wins. Perhaps also if possible players that can become overpowered zombies vs regular players w/ guns. I'm not sure if it is possible to make only a single grid PvP during a certain duration of time throughout an event, but if it is, there would be a lot more possibilities for events. Another idea if single-grid PvP were on for a time would be to create a group of 3-4 teams, where each team is allocated a certain amount of resources, traps, guns, bullets, and bombs to play a kind of capture the flag in which each team makes its own "trap base castle" to secure their flag while raiding the other bases for their flag. Whichever team comes out with the most flags wins. With no-PvP period, I feel it somewhat limits what we can do in an event. It wouldn't be like casual where PvP is on at all times at monuments, it would only be an event only type of deal. I've talked with other players who do feel the same way and I'm sure if the community were asked, they would agree. Any player can opt out of the PvP type events. I'm also not saying to get rid of the non-PvP events. I just think it would add a little more spice to the mix.
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