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  3. Offender: Colonel Server: EU Pure Time: 02:30AM GTM+1 Length: Permanent Reason: Raiding/Looting/Griefing Additional info: The player recieved multiple warnings for raiding and looting since he first joined the server not long ago. I even talked with him in his own language so hes well aware of the rules. Yet day after day we keep finding him on logs where he doesnt belong and recieving calls from players that they have been raided and we find his name on the logs.. Today he and a friend that just joined the server raided a player and cleaned out the entire base, most likely despawned what they didnt need. So thats the final straw for me. More screenshot can be submitted upon request, have a lot of him.
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  5. Nettie

    Hacked and Banned/

    I was hacked and appears that whoever hacked me got me banned. Any way i could get assistant with this? I was unable to access my Steam account this weekend (pw didnt work ) i wrote to steam and got pw set today and went to log in and says im banned from RUST. I didnt do anything wrong . I was hacked. I looked at server i have previous been on and i never was on the EU on as it shows. Any insight to this would be helpful . Thank you .
  6. theattackchef

    Banned for shooting a HV rocket at an admin

    You fired upon a player while inside their building. You were asked to stop, but continued to fire prior to my arrival. Wherein upon my arrival you immediately aimed and prepared to fire upon me. Not only were you disrespectful to the player you also continued to be belligerent, rude, with no remorse for your actions while speaking with me. There are no rules for shooting rockets upon players or admins, there is something to consider and that is DON'T BE A DICK. I offered you a chance to apologize to the player, I offered you a chance to apologize to me, I offered you a chance for redemption of which none of these opportunities were taken.
  7. You fired the rocket at me while we were still inside my shop. The only reason it landed outside and hit the bus stop because i opened the door to exit; total coincidence. i had no idea you were aiming to fire at me since my back was turned. i don't care what happens with the final result of the ban but i wanted to make sure the admins knew the whole story.
  8. Ramencup

    US Casual: Wall of Pain

    US Casual: Wall of Pain Date: Jan. 25th 8 pm EST Make your way through the wall of pain while avoiding traps such as turrets, flame turrets, and shotgun traps. Rules and Info: Survive through the end and sit at the designated thrones for first, second and third place. If you fall off, you must get killed by a trap and/or respawn at the beginning to start over. Do not sabotage other players. If you fall down and didn't die, please don't coach the other players for directions on where to go to avoid or run into traps. Please run to the nearest trap to have yourself be respawned at spawn. If not, you will be killed if an admin sees you. Prizes: Additional round(s) is will be determined by admins if possible. 1st place: $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place: 5 supply signals for February wipe.
  9. Last week
  10. Syrvius

    New Server for Events

    Has there ever been any thought put into having a separate server(flat, almost featureless map) for events where large structures are made. I'm not sure how practical it would be, but it would alleviate some of the server instabilities possibly. People that normally play on any of the RustEZ servers could all easily participate, and prizes could be handed out after they log back onto their normal server.
  11. I don't see how me disagreeing with you but stopping anyways is a problem? I did note that I shot the rocket outside your base, I didn't omit any information.
  12. Rustafied

    My first night in Rust

    I’ll never forget my first night in Legacy. High atop Resource Mountain; alone and attempting to stay warm around my campfire in my newly constructed Wood Shelter. A sheer sense of terror permeated my being as footsteps approached. Immediately I extinguished the fire. Quiet as a mouse, I hid in my shack - if I don’t move, maybe they will think no one is home. Although I had only spawned about an hour ago, the thought of losing all my worldly possessions (some wood and miscellaneous ore) to some dark figure in the night sparked a sense of fight or flight I had rarely experienced in gaming. Shining his flashlight through the cracks in my hut, the stranger promptly jumped onto the roof via a nearby boulder. Detected, I hesitantly spoke, “Hello out there. Are you friendly? It’s literally my first night in the game.” “Sure it is… hold on.” The stranger responds, immediately opening his steam overlay to corroborate my story. “Well I’ll be damned,” he said, “it is your first night. “Come on out of there, I’ll give you some things to help you get started.” Weighing my options, I cautiously exited my improvised abode. In front of me stood an imposing gentleman, adorned head to toe in kevlar. He proceeded to drop several items at my feet. As the sun started to peak its way over the horizon, I hastily picked up three items I had never held before: a metal hatchet, medkit, and some radiation pills. The stranger wished me well and carried on down the hill. Relieved, I spent the following day proudly gathering resources, building up my base, and even venturing into my first radtown with the help of the radiation pills my new friend had bestowed upon me. By that evening, I was feeling quite accomplished and secure in my first base. As I sat in front of my camp fire, I browsed the crafting menu to plan what I was to search out the next day. Just then, I heard footsteps approach. My friend returning? Maybe to give some more items to me? Then I hear it; a thunk followed by high pitched beeping. “What is this?” I thought. A second later, the wall in front of me exploded. My ‘friend’ had returned with some other friends, and they immediately gunned me down. I sat there in awe. All my worldly possessions, gone in an instant. I was hooked. Sure it was frustrating to lose my items, but never had I experienced such a visceral reaction to a game. Never had I seen so many opportunities for social engineering, such freedom to play however I wanted, and such an instinctual urge to protect my shit. It’s experiences like that which have encouraged me to start my first server. The ongoing commitment from the team at Facepunch to not only rebuild the entire game from scratch, but to keep improving and adding things week over week, month over month, is what’s motivated me to devote the better part of 5 years to reporting on development and providing the best environment I can to play the game. Like many of you, I’ve played video games since I was a child. From the earliest days of playing Duck Hunt on my uncle’s NES, to losing my life savings (about $10 at the time) on arcade games at my friend’s birthday party at Sports ‘n Games - I’m a gamer at heart. In more than 20 years, experiencing a variety of games across multitudes of platforms, I’ve never come across one as unique and captivating as Rust. The steady development and monthly updates keep the game fresh and ever expanding. Although I may take breaks here and there, I’m always excited to come back and experience the newest additions for myself. I literally can’t think of another game which has provided such rewarding (and sometimes frustrating) experiences while continually growing and improving over time. A mere peek at the roadmap and you can see the future of Rust is bright. Additions like RustNet, new vehicles, improved farming, multiple islands, new monuments, and more will continue to evolve and advance the game beyond our wildest expectations. To Helk, Garry, André, Vince, Diogo, Petur, Tom, Alistair, Damien, Pål, Alex, and all the other developers at Facepunch: thank you for your hard work, creativity, and dedication to creating this miraculous game. I am so excited to see what the future holds, and will be here for every step of the process. Community Team applicationsYou might be asking yourself, “That’s great and all, but why the hell did you write it?” Good question. I not only love reporting on the game, but I love building teams and community around it. With that, we’ve opened applications for our Community Team. This group of people is planning a bunch of awesome events (along with this year’s Charitable Rust) and we’re looking for passionate Rust players to join our ranks! If you’re over 18 and interested in helping with the creation or production of community events, please fill out our application by following the link below. Apply
  13. smok3y4real247

    US Scourge Balloon Blast: Battle in the sky

    Best admins ever!! js. 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
  14. Just for the record, you shot an incendiary rocket at me while we were both inside my totally enclosed shopping area. I didnt say or do anything to you to provoke this. Yes you did stop after i asked you not to do that when i explained it was rude, loud and disrespectful, but then your first response was "B R U H" followed by an argument of how it doesn't hurt anything or anyone.
  15. Server: RustEZ Scourge PvE Ban: Permanent Reason: for "disrespecting" an admin, by not apologizing for shooting a rocket near a players base and then shooting a HV rocket at the admin in noclip. Admin said I was trying to "break into vending machines" on a server where you can't deal damage to players or their structures, and ordered me to apologize for being "disrespectful". I said no and then shot a HV rocket in the direction of the admin in noclip, then the admin teleported me into the sky to kill me for shooting at them. I was banned shortly after without me saying or doing anything else. * The player that owned the base asked me not to do it, and I complied and stopped shooting rockets near their base. I did not continue to grief the player. Keep in mind, this is a pve server where you can't do damage to players or their structures. People practice their aim and shoot at others for fun all the time, it's impossible for it to cause any harm. Nowhere in the rules does it state I can't shoot HV rockets at an admin, and it's honestly stupid that I can be permabanned for hurting an admins feelings and not apologizing to them for something not against the rules in any capacity.
  16. Aurora

    US Scourge Balloon Blast: Battle in the sky

    This is going to be fun!
  17. degenerate furry

    US Scourge Balloon Blast: Battle in the sky

    this looks fun!
  18. Kate Awpton


    I agree, I was thinking on like casual at least keep BPs once every 2 resets as it resets twice a month. I play casual and the benefits for casual just aren’t as good as others, instead of adding more add more to a new rank which will bring in money for the server. maybe a teleport every 3 hours or so just to make it easy (tp request not just a straight up tp)
  19. Vonblood

    US Scourge Balloon Blast: Battle in the sky

    Ohh hell yeah 😄
  20. ɮloo luc2213

    new event-Bloo luc2213

    My event suggestion is where there is 1 person for every 20 normal people and that 1 person is infected and he/she has to poke the other people with a spear u watch them (u being admins) and when they get poked u put spears in their inventory and they become infected whoever lasts the longest gets a reward u guys can provide
  21. You are invited to join us on US Scourge, Sunday, January 20, 2019 (8pm EST) for an evening at the Balloon Blast Arena. Come battle friends in the sky! 4 Teams of two, take to the sky and battle with rockets untill one balloon is left. This battle consists of 3 rounds. and we will host multiple battles, so no need to worry if you miss the first one! Many Prizes to be won! We also have a viewing area so feel free to come watch the battle! Rules: 1. No-Cost to enter this event! 2. No shooting balloons from out side the event area. 3. Come Naked. Gear kits will be provided! Thanks to /r/the_donald for his help in fine tuning the idea!
  22.  Fly

    /ignore personal command

    heyja, i just got an suggestion to make. mutes are an serious punishment. but i am in an spot right now i want to use an /ignore for me personal to get rid of the chat of an single guy . so i dont need to read his chat. ben isnt sure if its even possible but he said i should make an suggest in forum. i wanna chill on pure pve. not getting bothered and agressive of the name an single person wich insulted my mother a few days ago. thanks for your time ~Fly~ P.S. dont ask for the name please , theres no need all players know the specific player
  23. Death

    put ammunition stack in the store

    The guns should come with a few bullets you can use for researching?
  24. Ben


    Well its a bad idea, most players don't wanna keep the BP's. If you keep them all you won't have much to do.. Name color might be a LOT of work for Death, i don't think that can be done automated. The supply signal and pumpjack doesnt sound bad though.
  25. mizar


    An idea for vip+ free and unlimited teleport or give them more credits
  26. Hello i just bought the vip status (i love your server and i want play here in the future). In the store (armory section) there are a lot of weapons but no ammunition, is possible to add ammunition stack to the store? So if i need a weapon i can get it from the store among a good number of ammo I want kill zombies and i am not so good with bow
  27. Kate Awpton


    So I have been playing quite a bit lately and I have noticed some changes that aren't the best.. (the pumpjack for example).. so I had an idea. $40 for a rank called VIP+ ($20 to upgrade from VIP) - This would bring money into the server and allow players to get some extra perks. I was thinking - Pumpjack on every reset 1 supply drop every 12 hours New color (your choice ) Keep BPs on EVERY reset Just something I threw together and I would definitely buy and I know other would too even with little perks. Vote in the pole your opinion of this idea!
  28. CoolDad420

    Banned EU Pure CoolDad420

    toxic behaviour = EY BRO GOT SOOM VOOD?
  29. CoolDad420

    Banned EU Pure CoolDad420

    I mean cool but your admin there with the pug-voice still acted like a twat-hole, lmao. What mess? I made a shop and 3 bases lmao
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