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  • Offender: Colonel
    Server: EU Pure
    Time: 02:30AM GTM+1
    Length: Permanent
    Reason: Raiding/Looting/Griefing

    Additional info: The player recieved multiple warnings for raiding and looting since he first joined the server not long ago. I even talked with him in his own language so hes well aware of the rules. Yet day after day we keep finding him on logs where he doesnt belong and recieving calls from players that they have been raided and we find his name on the logs..
    Today he and a friend that just joined the server raided a player and cleaned out the entire base, most likely despawned what they didnt need. So thats the final straw for me.

    More screenshot can be submitted upon request, have a lot of him.

    I was hacked and appears that whoever hacked me got me banned. Any way i could get assistant with this? I was unable to access my Steam account this weekend (pw didnt work )  i wrote to steam and got pw set today and went to log in and says im banned from RUST. I didnt do anything wrong . I was hacked. I looked at server i have previous been on and i never was on the EU on as it shows. Any insight to this would be helpful . Thank you .
    You fired upon a player while inside their building. You were asked to stop, but continued to fire  prior to my arrival. Wherein upon my arrival you immediately aimed and prepared to fire upon me. Not only were you disrespectful to the player you also  continued to be belligerent, rude, with no remorse for your actions while speaking with me. There are no rules for shooting rockets upon players or admins, there is something to consider and that is  DON'T BE A DICK.  I offered you a chance to apologize to the player, I offered you a chance to apologize to me, I offered you a chance for redemption of which none of these opportunities were taken.   
    You fired the rocket at me while we were still inside my shop. The only reason it landed outside and hit the bus stop because i opened the door to exit; total coincidence. i had no idea you were aiming to fire at me since my back was turned. i don't care what happens with the final result of the ban but i wanted to make sure the admins knew the whole story.
    US Casual: Wall of Pain Date: Jan. 25th 8 pm EST Make your way through the wall of pain while avoiding traps such as turrets, flame turrets, and shotgun traps. Rules and Info: Survive through the end and sit at the designated thrones for first, second and third place.   If you fall off, you must get killed by a trap and/or respawn at the beginning to start over. Do not sabotage other players. If you fall down and didn't die, please don't coach the other players for directions on where to go to avoid or run into traps. Please run to the nearest trap to have yourself be respawned at spawn. If not, you will be killed if an admin sees you. Prizes: Additional round(s) is will be determined by admins if possible. 1st place:   $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place:    $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place:       5 supply signals for February wipe. 

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