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  • Due to the fact that some technical issues surrounding network configuration has yet to be fixed for some time, we'll be migrating over to a new IP to once again maintain a stable network cluster. This means all EZ servers will be changing IPs as well as migrating to a new US EAST data center which is roughly only 30 miles away from where we are now. You shouldn't notice any significant ping loss. Casual
    July 21st 12:00 AM EST Survival
    July 22nd 12:00 AM EST Pure
    July 23rd 12:00 AM EST Once we change IPs our servers will drop from your favorites and history tab. Simply search RustEZ under Community or Modded tab to find our servers again. If you need assistance we'll be more than happy to help.
    Vote on what you would like to happen for the PreWipe  events! Post below any suggestions you may have.
    can i have my pumpjack placed on survival please, i'm online now.
    hey king, the glass windows are just like a wall; the heli can't see you through those so make it a priority to place those asap. closed shudders work with any of the window bars but no window bar with a closed shudder doesnt work, which makes no sense. one time MeowfulMint and i were sitting in the top floor of her store. all her windows had no bars but had closed shudders; the heli did not fire on us but it orbited her store until the timer was up.

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