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ManHunt Event

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RustEZ Casual Invites You To Our First Server Event!

Open to ALL RustEZ Players!

ManHunt is a server event Crispy and I have come up with over the last few weeks. One player must flee from several other players, the first player to bring the hunted player's skull to the Inn (starting area) wins that round. Players will navigate through several run-down, abandoned buildings during their hunt and will only be able to use the weapons provided to them and the weapons they find throughout the event zone. It is encouraged to fight your competition, especially if they happen to successfully kill and obtain the target's skull before they make it back to the Inn.

Rounds will last 20 minutes unless the skull is obtained, at which point the hunters will be able to get the skull back without fear of running out of time. If the hunted isn't killed within 20 minutes, the hunted player wins the round.

No outside items will be permitted, all participants will be brought to the Inn via spawning at an assigned bed. Each participant will have a room that serves as their respawn point as well as the location to pick up their permitted gear and weapons they'll be using in the event.

Spectating towers are available for those who wish to watch the event, or for those who show up after a round has started. Spectators will spawn in on beds to gain entry. Binoculars, clothing, and refreshments will be provided. Watch the bloodshed without shedding blood.

Date: March 10, 2018 - 4PM EST

Prizes: 1st Place - 4 Supply Signals & $5 Store Credit
2nd Place - 3 Supply Signals & Spas-12 (New Shotgun)
              3rd Place - 2 Supply Signals
                           The above are overall rewards, rewarded to the ones who win the most rounds.
           Winner of Each Round - 1 Large Present

Rewards redeemable on ALL RustEZ servers!


  1. Taking anything but the skull from the hunted player's body will result in disqualification.
  2. Any Supply Signals or Large Presents received during the event will be confiscated from the participants until that round is over. After the round, participants may go home and drop off any presents/signals. Any players that receive and use a pump shotgun or a revolver from the large presents will be disqualified and any airdrops coming into the island will be deleted in the air to prevent unfair advantage.
  3. Any participants who attempt to kill the spectators will be disqualified.
  4. No building or crafting will be permitted in the event zone. Any players found building or using unapproved items during the event will be disqualified.

P.S. Please respond below if you're interested, Crispy and I are curious how many will show up to the event. :) Not required to participate, but greatly appreciated so we have an idea of how many will be attending.

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On 3/4/2018 at 10:51 PM, AlyCat said:

Date: March 10, 2018 - 4PM EST

@KenshinFuechi Glad to hear! You can find the time and date above, but for your convenience I've quoted it right here as well ^^

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I'm sorry I missed it.  I hear that it was a pretty good event and there were some good lessons learned for future repeat events.

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