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Could I try out the car please and also do we get it for the rest of the wipe or is it just a day thing. anyways i would like to try it to see how cool it is. thanks


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So Skivvies lent/gave me a clip andddddd I flipped it. I tried to flip it back but no dice. I tried shooting at it, f1 grens, rockets, HV rockets, jumping on it like a sea-saw, jumping under it. Turning the wheel BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT. Nothing seems to work. Finally I used C4 and the car disappeared. I think the cars have health we just can't see the bar. 





TLDR: I need a new car. Old one got flipped upside down 200 meters SW of PigeonMart. I destroyed it with explosives trying to flip it back. 

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is this for post wipe? 

If so, at your convenience, after the madness, recycler plz.  


err..I guess that means I have to build quick :) 

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