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RustEZ Survival | Updates 5-15

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  1. Removed broken build block check on TP
  2. Fixed economy integration on friend TP
  3. Fixed bug preventing wakeup on TP/Home
  4. Fixed duplicate name check for TP/Home
  5. Fixed NRE on loot all
  6. Items now properly stack on loot all
  7. Server crash recovery system implemented
  8. Fixed stability check for light sources
  9. Improved name prediction for mentions
  10. Mentions no longer broadcast server alerts
  11. Incendiary slugs now appropriately stack
  12. Highwall gate no longer does damage
  13. Cleaned up friends interface
  14. Removed unused define commands
  15. Arena re-added
  16. Heli/Chinook will no longer target players in compound
  17. Twig foundations outside of TC zone now decays after 3 days of it being placed
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