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RustEZ Survival | Updates 6-13

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  1. Overhauled mountable handling
  2. Chickens once again mountable
  3. 5,000 new skins added to skin shop
  4. Experimenting with coroutines to reduce server lag on saves
  5. Junkpile scientists now spread evenly instead of clustering
  6. Player challenges discontinued (Finding a better method of storing the massive amount of player data)
  7. Monument NPCs restored
  8. Monument NPCs now use squad tactics to handle threats
  9. Monument NPCs now hold aggro for up to 5 seconds despite no longer being "hostile"
  10. Revive cost reduction
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4 hours ago, Dr. Steve Brule said:

How does one go about mounting a chicken?


Very, carefully, my friend. ;)


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