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RustEZ Scourge | Updates 8-10

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  1. Implemented /friend system to improve container share functionality
  2. Buffed zombie HP
  3. Increase zombie spawns
  4. Implemented friend manager
  5. Implemented trading /friend or /trade
  6. Implemented friend TP /friend
  7. Fixed parachute message not showing while falling
  8. EZ skins fixed (thanks @murf)
  9. Spawn kit updated to remove syringes and include tools rather than a club
  10. Reduced night cycle length
  11. Supply drops now show as their own icon on the map
  12. Quicksort buttons no longer get stuck on hud after trades
  13. Cap reward game tip disabled until the new store is released
  14. Skin shop has been discontinued and replaced with /skin (Skins now free)
  15. Optimized auth checks when building
  16. Ladders can no longer be placed in non-auth build zones
  17. Fixed TP command usage (rewrite coming soon)
  18. Tons of code cleanup and general optimizations
  19. Turrets and sentries once again deal damage to zombies
  20. Bandits no longer aggro players if zombies nearby (Outpost fix coming soon)
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