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RustEZ Scourge | Updates 11-4

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  1. Rad weather icon no longer toggles with helicopter
  2. Parachute tip now destroys when player deploys chute
  3. Graveyard fence no longer deals player damage
  4. Players once again spawn in drop event sleeping (Network related issues)
  5. Resource density reduced for better client performance
  6. Door closers re-added to zombie loot (oops)
  7. Drop chance for speciality item drops on zombies nerfed from 50% to 30%
  8. Rebalanced loot tables
  9. Zombies killed by any NPC type will no longer drop loot
  10. The /shop command now works as intended
  11. Night time increased to 8 minutes
  12. Supply map markers fixed
  13. Bug causing inventory to be wiped on revive fixed
  14. Several server optimizations
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Noticed a wonderful increase in FPS and probably smoothest gameplay since I went to zombie server since you reduced resource density.  Only issue is finding them at that point.  So was wondering if it was possible to increase the amount of resources u get per node to compensate a bit for when you do find one, especially when on at peak times.  Not too bad for trees but stone, metal and suphur very few and far between.  And thank you, thank you, thank you for door closers.  I am awful for forgetting and people get in my compounds/bases all the time lol


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