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RustEZ Casual: 1st Purge of November

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RustEZ Casual's first Purge for this month is tomorrow on November 13th! Get ready to defend your base and have fun slaughtering your friends before the biweekly wipe on November 15th!

Not a regular player? No worries! By typing /pvp in chat you get a 2x gather rate, so feel free to use that to your advantage to get caught up! Type define pvp in chat for more information about where PVP zones are located.

Just remember that raiding and PVP will be fully activated once the Purge starts, but toxicity, harassment, and hate speech will not be tolerated as per usual. Trio rules apply, if you see a group of more than three during the Purge report it to an admin.

The Purge will start on November 13th at 12PM EST.

Have fun!

(This only applies to RustEZ Casual, the other RustEZ servers will wipe on the December 6th forcewipe. Server rules on the other servers have not changed.)

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