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Banned: Hen US Pure

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Offender:     (steam) (BattleMetrics # )
Server: US Pure
Time: 10:40am EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding multiple bases
Additional Info: Entered at least 3 bases by boosting in, 2 of which they accessed through the second story. Items, including skinned ones, were found in the player's base. Including specifically skinned items.
Proof: More proof upon request.20181223213318_1.thumb.jpg.9a30a8ec9a42ca2cb24fdc586b4ff7d4.jpg20181223212318_1.thumb.jpg.ac73d88b709d7522cff2581d53433643.jpg20181224102934_1.thumb.jpg.8edc050bae7296b1b57995593789d4b7.jpg20181223215436_1.thumb.jpg.dd7a3199b58e88810c070dd5adb8afce.jpg



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