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US Scourge wiping Thursday (1/24/2019 at 12:00pm EST)

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We'll be wiping our Scourge US server in light of recent degrading issues with prefab and collider errors. Although it's rare we wipe outside of the official game wipe schedule, it's important for us to maintain the gameplay quality of our players.

We will be carrying over backpacks, blueprints and all store purchases. Be sure to fill your backpack up to compacity before the wipe so the valuables will transfer over. We'll be temporarily upgrading all backpacks to VIP until the transfer is complete.

If you're non-VIP it's important for you to remove everything out of the bottom 3 rows after the wipe otherwise, it'll be wiped once backpacks are restored to normal.

We understand this may be a frustrating outcome for many and it pains us to have to take such drastic measures to ensure gameplay. We truly hope everyone understands and hope to see you again Thursday after the wipe at 12:00pm EST!

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