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Banned EU Pure ◄Norenari►

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Offender: ◄Norenari►
Server: EU Pure
Time: 16:46 GMT
Length: Permanent
Reason: Twig Raiding/Looting (Warned on multiple occasions)

Additional Info:

Player was on a final warning after receiving multiple warnings for previously raiding and looting. As part of their final warning they acknowledged that they understood the rules.

Player has now raided another players pumpjack compound by building twig stairs up over the walls. Name was found on all loot logs inside the base. 750 crude oil found in players inventory. Base owner said that offender had no permission to be inside the base or take loot.

Player is aware the rules but has demonstrated that they will not play by them. Permanent ban has now been given.



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I had many interactions with this players. the last time i catched him raiding i told him the rules again and asked him if he understand it. He did, so i told him this would be the final warning that the next time we catch him he would be banned..

Well, today is that day..

If you want more screenshots i have a bunch of him avaible.

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