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banned marqis87

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Server: US Survival
Reason: Twigging/raiding
Time: 6:35 PM
Was called to a players base to look at some structures that were placed without permission. Found multple griefing techniques and also twig on another players base.



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46 minutes ago, Trifeel said:


Alright, you got me there. It was tempting to not mess with the individual's "claimed area." I was driving around waiting on cargo ship, however it didn't spawn. Then I just drive by this island with excessive TCs all over. Half built walls around the island. A sign that said, "Do not build..." There was no wall around the complete island, nor did I enter the "unTCed" builiding to raid it.

I found some holes in the area he occupied. I didn't know what "griefing meant." I had to Wikipedia it. I would had came over to remove the stuff if asked.

My bad. Tell the guy, I'm sorry for going around the wall.



Edited by marqis87

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Im more then willing to give you a chance to come on back to our community, but i want you to be sure of what our rules and such are and we have to enforce them accordingly.

@marqis87 are you willing to work within the rules and come have a great time?

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