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Banned EU Pure Hongi

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Offender: Hongi  (BM) (Steam)
Server: EU Pure
Time: 22:00 GMT+1
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding/Griefing

Additional Info:
The player Raided a base, by the time i found his name on the loot logs and teleported to him to check him out he was running to an other base that was unfinished
. He added a lock on it and went offline.

A little while later he logged in again and before i could teleport to him he was already trying to get back in the base he just stole from, luckly the base owner noticed me and called me in chat.

I teleported to them, and he said he didnt do it, and told me " follow me i show you my base and my loot, i almost have nothing"

He showed me the base he griefed with almost nothing in it, i asked him multiple times " Is this your only base, and are these items the only items you have"
His answer was always "Yes". So i kicked him with the notification to come back when he is willing to tell the truth.

He joined the server again, i asked the same question, and he told the same answer. When i told him to stop lie to me,  that i already found his main base and secured the stolen loot he logged out instantly.

Little note, his main base he build behind the base he raided, TC was placed +-3 min after he first appear on the loot logs.








hongi 2.jpg


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