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US Scourge Bounty Hunters Wanted (March Wipe Event)

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Rules for Bounty Hunters

- Skulls cannot be harvested for bounty during official server events.
- All server rules apply: No griefing, trapping, harassing or annoying player and so on to get the skull.
- Admins will not assist or help players obtain the skull.
- Skulls must be obtained from the Scourge player named in the wanted post.
- Any form of cheating or being dishonest (i.e. changing your name to harvest a skull) will disqualify you from this event (for all wipes).
- Only first bounty skull turned in each week will earn scrap reward and prize (March wipe: Mar 9-15, 16-22, 23-31).

Tips: keep an eye on the kill feed when player is online to see what they are up to.

Suggestions for Hunted Players

- If you die, consider leaving your body intact so there is a chance for bounty hunters to loot your skull.
- If your skull is not turned in by a bounty hunter during the wipe, you may turn yourself in to any admin in the last 3 days of current wipe (April 1-3) to redeem the bounty reward (paid out the following wipe).

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Attn: The criminal Ozzen's bounty has been turned into the Pookies Sheriff's office and bounty has been payed off.  \

In other related news authorities are on the look out for the bounty of Crim, the Sheriff's office will be available to collect this bounty from March 16 - 22. Be advice this suspect is slippery and will attempt to flee.  



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