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RustEZ Scourge | Updates 3-9

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  1. Parachute now automatically deploys when a player respawns. Sleep state does not affect deployment
  2. Landing physics while parachuting improved
  3. Collision detection for parachutes improved
  4. Players now take damage while parachuting. (Collision, metabolism, NPC turrets, etc...)
  5. Daily login gift now triggers even if the player is parachuting. (WIP)
  6. Credits (aka caps) switched over to a new and improved storage method. (Old balances will be merged once it's converted.)
  7. All player data now using new storage technology for better performance and reliability
  8. All cooldowns now carry through server restarts. (Daily login, VIP, etc...)
  9. Lanterns and tuna can lamps no longer have infinite fuel to promote the electrical system
  10. VIP furnaces will be disabled this month due to an ongoing investigation into prefab errors. Perks will be adjusted to compensate meanwhile
  11. Hud toggle preference (/hud) now saves through server restarts and wipes
  12. Fixed hud toggle for kill feed
  13. Hud is now properly destroyed when a player teleports or dies
  14. Zombie's appearances are now dynamically selected. (They pick their own outfit.)
  15. Several performance improvements
  16. Several NRE fixes
  17. Subscribers now have their own chat color. (No other perks included.)
  18. Fixed Trading
  19. Inventory full error on /vip now shows the proper message
  20. Cooldowns now properly reset
  21. EU servers now show reset times in GMT
  22. Welcome messages once again formats player username
  23. Welcome messages now properly welcome back returning players
  24. Supply drops now properly mount players despite being thrown or dropped (left or right click)
  25. Chinook now properly lands on the oil rig
  26. Chinook now properly drops locked crates
  27. World drop markers temporarily disabled
  28. Rare NRE causing drops to default fixed
  29. Rare NRE causing car drops to default fixed
  30. Zombies no longer spawn with sashes
  31. More NRE fixes

1-17 merged from Scourge 2.0 post.

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