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Banned EU PURE Sea Rhinoceros

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Offender : Sea rhinoceros 76561198799343911

Time:  11:29 PM (gmt+1)

Length: Permanent

Reason: 11:00 the  player joined server. 2 minutes after him joining  i teleported a random minicopter in a base and noticed while rendering in a naked runing around the base  (it was 2 russian guy´s i remember the base from former talks to БИГ ДИК and Членпион who are the owners of this place)  saw the naked jumping in checking ,  spammed rules multiple times, also RED in chat, but he still proceed trying gaining access to the base . i revealed. asking him what hes doing here . he pretended its his base (2 mins on server ;) ).had a long argue about rules and how i have to interpret theese in his favour. i felt kind of disrespected.and i  ended up in kicking him once to think about who he is talking to. told him to stay out of players bases 11:08 PM . he rejoined, i followed him invis to see he had a 2x1 with a sign outside "RAID BASE" after building the base he checked out neighbours by jumping into another players property (no tc no security owner Henry Knight) . after he realized this base was just empty,unprotected,twig without boxes  he ran direction  the other base whilst throwing down 2 sleeping bags. it was the base i   told him to stay off( БИГ ДИК and Членпион ).when he was on the roof again where i caught him first time he tried to go deeper. this is where i revealed and had a little chat in voice again. well, he wanted to have the chat in his "Raid Base" i agreed. and revoked the request to teleport him there. he walked up and talked to me.  i  sayd: "i believe in second chances and that i have enough proof to ban him straight away."  he did understand that and when we arrived in his shag the conversation turned again to toxic kid vs admin : "i thought this beeing an easy raid server" -and  he asked me if i could stop beeing a dick  

told him multiple times server rules via gamechat and voice and the second attempt he tried to enter this first base again after the first conversation i warned him to stay out of any players base,  i had a feeling this might be an regular behaviour for him and in order to protect others from notoric rulebreakers and his offensive language to me has been my reason to ban him.

if he decides to apply an unban i am looking forward someone else  like momma or ben  deals with him . if he decides to do a fresh start, sticking  the rules and get rid of any pvp server behaviour (like offensive language to staff  or argueing with staff, toxicity) i may give it a try - nobody calls me a dick twice unpunished-










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