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RustEZ Survival | Updates 4-8

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  1. Combat knife and grenade launcher added to kill feed
  2. Fixed event reward popup sticking when a event ended
  3. Fixed player desync when leaving a event
  4. Fixed issue causing shared containers to revert on restarts (previously shared containers will need to be reshared. Sorry :()
  5. Fixed issue with share reverting for furnaces and refineries when another player accesses it
  6. Fixed issue where players could no longer revive after leaving a event
  7. Fixed issue where unauthorized players could access pumpjacks, quarries, and furnaces right after restarts
  8. Fixed issue allowing unauthorized players to loot other players backpacks
  9. Fixed issue that didn't allow the wood to burn for VIP if placed alongside ore
  10. Fixed play time caps reward not triggering
  11. Fixed nighttime timer becoming off-sync periodically
  12. Food no longer burns
  13. Chat color now adjusts properly when a players membership is changed
  14. The store now gives the correct item when purchasing a water well
  15. Several performance improvements

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