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US Scourge: June Build Contest ~ Summertime!

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Summer summer summertime
Time to sit back and unwind.

Get your sunglasses and scuba tanks on  -- although, nekkid with a fishing pole is fine, too! We're hosting a summer build contest for all players on the US-Scourge server. Build an original "summer home" on the server and enter to win prizes for next wipe.

Build Requirements:

The build should be summer home themed (think base on a lake, a summer cottage or even a river fishing shack). Players can enter their main base, hangout, public shop, fishing shack or a community area – basically, anything that fits the summer home theme. The only real "requirement" for this contest is that the build must border both land and water in some way.

Rules & Info:

  • To enter, reply to this forum thread and include a screenshot of your build and provide the map grid location. Post the details early so players and admins can follow your build progress.
  • Once you have posted here, ask an admin for your build package. The build package contains a few in-game items and resources that you may choose to use in your build.
  • Builds must be posted here by midnight (ET) Sunday, June 23, 2019. Admins will view contest builds and offer player tours of the builds between June 25 and 26.
  • Players must maintain the tool cupboard (TC) during the contest to ensure no decay prior to midnight (ET) on June 26, 2019.     


Winner will be chosen by admin voting and prizes handed out to winners for the July 2019 wipe.

  • 1st place:   $10 RustEZ store credit
  • 2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit
  • 3rd place:    3 supply signals
  • `Participant’s Choice:  3 supply signals

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Very much a work in progress, will only be a small build. I go here to relax!

Going to add a place for crops, freebie box for folks passing by, a marina general store, and an area for fishing/BBQ!


EDIT: Just figured out how to save uncompressed screenshots in steam,sorry for potato quality. Let me know if I need to retake these.





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Picked my spot. Will be building on the west side of Q24. Haven't started as of 6/11, so consider this the initial "before" picture.


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4 hours ago, CallMEMrCuddles said:

I will post picture tomorrow the location is M22 consider this me formally entering until I figure out how pictures work ie watching youtube to see how capture and upload. 

If you don't figure it out -- jump in the Discord channel with one of the Scourge admins and we'll walk you though locating your screenshots and uploading to the forum!

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Dragon lake!

"here is a nice fishing village, bar and fine dining, we pride our self in the best food and service ever with a helicopter landing pad, a Jacuzzi underneath for the adults for some special times this is the best place to escape the kids and get away all food is sourced locally from the very lake we are in. so come on down and have a look, we are proudly operated by two very passionate fishers."

spacer.png location.thumb.png.7a9febf011aeaf0aba23419e88364602.pngspacer.png









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