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RustEZ Scourge | Updates 6-8

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  1. Fixed sort options backpanel opacity
  2. Fixed furnace sort options opacity
  3. Fixed hud backpanel opacity
  4. Fixed broken literals in server messages
  5. Fixed hud icons not showing
  6. Fixed players spawning in on the beach instead of parachuting in
  7. Fixed player state not being forced to wake on respawn
  8. Fixed player metabolism not being set on respawn
  9. Fixed F1 kill not respawning players
  10. Fixed horses spawning in with no saddle
  11. Shotgun and flame taps no longer deal damage to players or structures
  12. Minicopters no longer deal player or base damage on death
  13. Minicopters now decay twice as slow
  14. Removed workshop function from skin shop to restore functionality until fixed
  15. Upkeep cost reduced by 15%
  16. Ridable horse population increased by 50%
  17. Several NRE fixes
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