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  2. - The public access beds/bags you place for others can only be used via the respawn menu (not /home) - Players need to have TC access to place the bed/bag on their own (to use via /home). - Players also need to have TC auth to /home port to the bed/bag after placing it as well. Admins always tell players that only trusted friends should have access to your TC, items and inventories for a reason. While we certainly expect players to be respectful and not loot/steal from other players (or damage another player's base/build), keep in mind it can happen if you choose to allow TC access. If you are looking for a hotel-like public build that is a bit more "troll-proof" (and still allow players to use /home ports) try builds where each room is done with a separate TC, so players can authorize only on a TC for their room -- think cabana, lodge motel or a cottage layout. In fact, we've had some creative trailer parks in previous wipes using this layout.
  3. Weirdest set of boxes I got was 3 attachments and 1 pistol ammo box
  4. I've been watching the loot, and one CCTV or one laptop is more common than one might think. The loot table does not guarantee fabulous loot every time. RNG is great yes? Boxes full of ammo, or attachments is common as well. Rockets, the occasional M249.. etc.
  5. I wish there was a way to edit the authorization list on a TC. kinda like how we have the friends list.
  6. They have to actually place the bed down in order for the /home to work. If they die ,then yes they can respawn there. But they have to place it themselves
  7. Sean


  8. Yes, but it seems to be an isolated glitch. I’ve shot the heli down three times since then and received appropriate loot crates.
  9. Revive is tricky. Remind ppl not to use it on the cargo ship. You end up in the bulkhead or in the water.
  10. Player description of events: Died in game at bandit camp, hit revive. Nothing happened. Waited a minute and clicked revive again, nothing happened. Clicked revive a couple times. Player says they then revived multiple times at location (4x by logs shown below). When this happened, the player lost all items. The multiple bodies on the ground were empty (verified by admins as well), so player was unable to obtain clothing, inventory and hot bar items. Credits were deducted for each revive. This is a similar issue reported by another player yesterday. Multiple revives; they used caps and all bodies were empty of their inventory items.
  11. Last week
  12. right now i have the rooms setup where the bed is public so once they have the access code to get in the room they can claim it. However once they claim it.... It does not show up using the /Home TP feature.
  13. Players need to be on the TC I believe, and the player has to put the bed down. (I think.)
  14. I have setup a couple rooms for players to use at my docks. The first patron says the bed does not show up in /Home can this be added?
  15. I have added a couple of rooms that are available for rent. Something new I am trying out. Hopefully I set it up right....
  16. Aurora


    When I'm too far away to do /trade for Pookies
  17. Thanks for the reply and all the help you have given me. Yes I do understand, I used to rent and run dedicated clan servers and build clan/guild websites for other games in the past. These last two months setbacks did upset me, but with your help i have recovered alot. I have also already noticed an improvement in the performance of the server. So see you again in game soon
  18. Ben

    EU Pure Rollback

    Hey Apple, We are very sorry that the server problems affected you and our other players, but unfortunatly is was out of our control and we had to do a rollback. Rollbacks are very uncommon and it was the first time we had to do it since the EU Pure server started. We are also happy to inform you that Death worked his butt off on our server and that we are now running on a brand new upgraded server. I hope you will come back to us and give us an other chanse and test out the new server. (You will have to look it up in the community list again since the IP has changed) You are a valued community member and we would hate to see you go.
  19. Warlord Ubba

    Heli Death(s)

    Heli was a... success?
  20. Use of home and friend TPR is not blocked when players are in /event.
  21. Aurora

    Ish's intro

    Hello Ish, welcome to RustEZ. Glad to have you here!
  22. I understand there were problems with the EU pure server I was on when they happened. So you had to fix the server, yes i understand. Which caused a 6 day roll back. This is the 2nd month in a row I have lost a weeks worth of work farming, building, upgrading etc. I think it was 3 months ago i started playing the game and on this server. Is this a common thing? I just became a subscriber because i like the server, admin, and community. But I can't keep up with this
  23. Sean

    Ish's intro

    Welcome @Ish glad to have you here.
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