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  2. dunno how to edit my post either, still a little bit to go but happy with some stuff i've added edited: oh ok, edits are on a time limit probably. also it has a name now: The Ferry Fair
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    Winner of SOTM #1
  4. Congratulations to @DamnUnicorn for winning SOTM #1!
  5. Hall of Fame @DamnUnicorn [https://www.rustez.com/forums/topic/2585-sotm-1-voting/]
  6. Several items in our item store have been decreased with the addition of a minimum order requirement. This new requirement will allow us to price items without having to worry about transaction fees being more than the cost of the item. The new minimum order amount is $1.00 USD / 1.34 - CAD / 1.45 - AUD / 0.80 - GBP. Bought any of these items this wipe before this change? Reach out to us at https://www.rustez.com/help for compensation if you purchased either of the items listed below before the price squish. Price Changes
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  8. Wasn't sure how to add/edit to my original post, so... HouserVT's Surf Shop is complete! Full pics in an album here (https://photos.app.goo.gl/X3zTWGZPdNwgGN2U9).
  9. Still didnt work Tried Pure (with Tribrats), still same issues. Python worked, but not on AU Scourge. Tested MGL - works fine on both Pure and AU Scourge.
  10. Is it possible to make personal quarries repairable? The reason I ask is I normally put quarries down next to my own heli tower so people don't take up those spots, that way I don't have to watch out for them when fighting. I've landed an attack helicopter twice on my own quarries this wipe and watched the health go near zero, before I salvaged them. and we can't repair them. The only way is to use a salvage hammer on them and then redeploy. The issue is we can't do this for other people's quarries, if we could repair them or they don't receive damage from Attack helicopter it would help out to be a friendly neighbor. I am glad that the mini copters no longer do damage in general. Wonder if similar could be done for the attack helicopter on the quarries. Thank you for your time.
  11. @Death, it's in reference that some still want to have multi-day no decay indoors, I am fine with the mod you did. I was referring when facepunch introduced them, before they added indoor decay and you increased their spawn rate we couldn't find them. I play on US survival and I find them just fine, that is the thing, I can find them now and I don't want to enable hoarding on minis like the first 2 months of the Minis. People even went as far back then to hoard them and sell them, currently that is not possible to keep it multi-days. @Havok, what did you do before the mini existed anyway? I spent 2 months playing or US Survival, and US Scourge at them time and a little bit on Pure without being able to find the minis. If every one has one parked in their bases, lets say there is 100 offline players, there might not be any for the online players left. Is what we saw originally.
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  13. House of Pain EU edition This event will be simple get across the hall Alive. It will not be an easy task though. You will face unseen dangers were one miss step could be your last. -All are welcome to come give it a try. -You are to bring Nothing you don't want to lose. -You will be only given a glimmer of hope to get to the other side. Time: 12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm GMT 6/23/2019 PURE (EU) Prizes: 1st Place: $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd Place: $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd Place: 5 Supply signals Completion Award: 2 Supply signals Participation Award: 1 Supply signal Rules: -Any boosting up on walls or taking any other path other than the hall will result in disqualification. -Please keep moving Forward! Not one Step Back! -Picking up other players will be up to you. Do you help someone in need or leave them to die? You decide for yourself. -Try to be respectful to other players, but be aware people will be bumping into each other. -You are going to die. A lot. credits to Frenchy, the evil genious inventor i "stole" the idea of.
  14. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 6.17.19
  15. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 6.17.19
  16. Changed Status to Working
  17. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 6.17.19
  18. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 6.17.19
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