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  1. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 4.19.19
  2. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 4.19.19
  3. There is a lot planned for the currency system and I know it's taking us a bit but there is an order to our madness starting with performance. We've released our new credit system last month and are slowly adding features to gauge its performance impact. Due to the number of updates and changes I've applied in a short span I'm letting players get used to everything before continuing. This also gives me time to polish and fix bugs as needed. TL;DR A good idea will implement other outlets to earn credits.
  4. Changed Status to Closed
  5. It's when they smack something on the way down. Trees, buildings, etc.
  6. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 4.13.19
  7. I need more information to reproduce.
  8. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 4.13.19
  9. At 3:00 am EST the server experienced difficulties while attempting to save the map causing it to become corrupt. Because of this, the server's save file deleted itself. We automatically capture backups, however, we are unable to perform live backups so snapshots can only be created during restarts which is every 5 days. Player BPs were not affected. This was simply out of our control and I personally apologize for any grief this may cause. If you've purchased anything on our store during the month of April please reach out to us at https://www.rustez.com/help to have everything carried over. I've sent Facepunch the report to hopefully get some insight into the issue and help prevent it from happening again going forward.

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