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    @unicronl72l placed down a Pumpjack for me on Casual, just need @AlyCat or somebody to mark it off.
  2. There shall never be another like him in our lifetime and any who claim the title of "World's most okayest Admin" are imposters. We all miss you.
  3. Good thing I'm not on survival
  4. Grimmsly

    Hi Everyone

    Love having you here Zomb, hope to see you on here for many wipes to come.
  5. Greetings friends? compatriots? collaborators? appetizers? Whatever you are to me, know that I am a fellow member of this here great community, I have been playing video games on all manner of platforms for the majority of my life. But I am pretty new to survival games such as Rust, a friend introduced me to this game and now they no longer play [I ate them] but I still do, I have so far put 330 hrs into Rust. I also happen to lead Army of the Ravenous Dead Clan A little more about myself, I am 27 cycles old and I consider myself quite the history buff, it's a passion of mine and I am considering going to uni to become a teacher. Some of my hobbies involve cartography, stargazing and also creating entire fantasy worlds. I enjoy playing and running D&D games on Wednesday nights. If you guys want to chat or play any other games then just give me a shout on Discord or over Steam if you have me on either of those. Without remorse, Grimmsly the Ghoul, Cannibal and Lich.
  6. Grimmsly

    hi all

    Sup Greenhorn, or is it greenthorn?
  7. Nice to eat you... I meant eat you.... meet you? Nah eat sounds about right.
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