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  1. All good - am aware that things can go iffy when updates/changes applied 😉
  2. Maybe a server generated message after server restart that tells people logging back in, not to open their backpacks until a message appears telling them it is safe to do so. This happened to me last wipe as well.
  3. ScarletFox

    Store item suggestion

    Wish it was - its a locked BP. Its not able to be researched, either. Facepunch... why must you tease us with nice things, that are just out of reach...?
  4. ScarletFox

    Store item suggestion

    Only a suggestion - how about the gorgeous fence that was available in Halloween? Would look cute for Christmas builds as well.
  5. ScarletFox


    Soooooooo scary.... I still think the Tim Curry version of IT is the scariest
  6. ScarletFox


    © CC BY 4.0

  7. ScarletFox


    © CC BY 4.0

  8. ScarletFox


    © CC BY 4.0

  9. ScarletFox


    © CC BY 4.0

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    © CC BY 4.0

  11. ScarletFox

    Scourge Halloween Build Contest

    This is just a haunted mansion. No tricks - but some treats. Located E17.
  12. ScarletFox


    I apologise in advance if this is the incorrect place to post this. I have just gone outside of my compound... and there is a dude asleep in there. I have no idea how he got in (maybe fell from sky?) I made a little building near my base - could I please get him moved to that building? Thank you, ScarletFox
  13. ScarletFox


    Thank you soooo much @Murfet !!!
  14. ScarletFox


    May I request a little bit of advice in my pumpjack placement (I am unsure if it will fit in the place I have set aside). If it is a big enough size space, may I request one pumpjack to be placed. Thankyou ScarletFox
  15. This is more of a question, than a request. I share some quarries with Punisher (1 metal frag, 2 hqm, 2 sulphur) Our Metal fragment appears to be fine. However, our sulphur ones are no longer producing sulphur, and the HQM ones are no longer producing HQM. Are the 'seeds' underneath them fixable, or are we just better off moving them? I mean, its not an issue moving them, just a query to see if they can be fixed. Thanks in advance, ScarletFox

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