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  1. I woke on US Scourge... invisible... as VIP and now I cant remove the invisibility. I can't craft anything on Workbenches. I tried: killing myself, teleportation.
  2. Where is it? AU Scourge - all RustEZ servers welcome to participate! 😍 What is it? Come join the fun of the Harbour Cup Horse Race at AU Scourge. Everyone is invited from all RustEZ Servers to join our horse race around a designated road track. When is it? Date: Saturday 15th June 2019 Time: 10:00 am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) For our US Friends that is June 14th 2019 8:00 PM EDT/EST (I think) How it works You will use /event to join nekkid. You will not have access to your backpack. You will be given an outfit, pumpkins (for you and your horse), a horse and a starting item of currency The starting item of unique currency will be used in the Horse Race Starting Gate vending machine, the item you ‘buy’ will be used in the next race point vending machine and so on, until you get to the end. Prizes will be awarded after the races. Rules No weapons of any kind Stay on the marked racetrack No damaging or stealing other players horses – you will be disqualified Prizes There will be three races. The top 3 players of each race will win: (1st) Golden Egg + Supply signal x2 + Present (2nd) Supply Signal x2 + Present (3rd) Supply Signal x1 + Present
  3. Spawned on beach, still received deploy parachute message in chat. Also, some commands still not working e.g. define backpack Heli/boat/chinook/kill count/credits not showing on HUD. Kill-stream works fine.
  4. define backpack not working on AU Scourge Discord tag doesn't work or define define or tableflip or unflip or shrug Not super important but some users seem enamoured of them...
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the zero lag!!! I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a client issue, but the icons are not loading in the HUD on AU Scourge.
  6. You too, @Warlord Ubba, congratulations!
  7. Big bunny Easter Build He has eyes, ears, a tail and some cute lil' paws. Location: X14 PS: You will never guess where the entrance is! 😜
  8. Can the custom icons be moved over? Like in the rough image below So that the time, storm, heli, cargo, chinook and airdrop are over next to food etc icons and the skills are moved over and not being obscured by the team list
  9. All good - am aware that things can go iffy when updates/changes applied 😉
  10. Maybe a server generated message after server restart that tells people logging back in, not to open their backpacks until a message appears telling them it is safe to do so. This happened to me last wipe as well.
  11. Wish it was - its a locked BP. Its not able to be researched, either. Facepunch... why must you tease us with nice things, that are just out of reach...?
  12. Only a suggestion - how about the gorgeous fence that was available in Halloween? Would look cute for Christmas builds as well.
  13. ScarletFox


    Soooooooo scary.... I still think the Tim Curry version of IT is the scariest
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