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  1. All good - am aware that things can go iffy when updates/changes applied 😉
  2. Maybe a server generated message after server restart that tells people logging back in, not to open their backpacks until a message appears telling them it is safe to do so. This happened to me last wipe as well.
  3. Wish it was - its a locked BP. Its not able to be researched, either. Facepunch... why must you tease us with nice things, that are just out of reach...?
  4. Only a suggestion - how about the gorgeous fence that was available in Halloween? Would look cute for Christmas builds as well.
  5. ScarletFox


    Soooooooo scary.... I still think the Tim Curry version of IT is the scariest
  6. © CC BY 4.0

  7. © CC BY 4.0

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  9. © CC BY 4.0

  10. This is just a haunted mansion. No tricks - but some treats. Located E17.
  11. ScarletFox


    I apologise in advance if this is the incorrect place to post this. I have just gone outside of my compound... and there is a dude asleep in there. I have no idea how he got in (maybe fell from sky?) I made a little building near my base - could I please get him moved to that building? Thank you, ScarletFox
  12. ScarletFox


    Thank you soooo much @Murfet !!!
  13. ScarletFox


    May I request a little bit of advice in my pumpjack placement (I am unsure if it will fit in the place I have set aside). If it is a big enough size space, may I request one pumpjack to be placed. Thankyou ScarletFox
  14. ScarletFox


    May I please request the placement of my pumpjacks [from orders #3538; #2709; #2566 = x4 PJs]? I have an enclosed place where I wish to place them. Thanks in advance, ScarletFox
  15. ScarletFox


    May I please get my pumpjacks placed? On Survival.
  16. ScarletFox


    May I please get my two pump-jacks placed? Survival server.
  17. Understandable, guys :-)
  18. I think they'd all be fun - maybe 1 or 2 each week? :-)
  19. ScarletFox

    Meteor fires

    Meteors left behind fire, as well as high quality metal ore and stone.
  20. ScarletFox

    Meteor shower

    If you look closely, you can see the meteors.
  21. @Aurora No.. I put the Pookies there for decoration - I kept getting them in air drops - plus I bought 2 - then the stuff started to appear... I thought the Pookies might have had something to do with it - I moved them - but stuff still kept appearing - so it wasn't the Pookies... so I put the little guys back I also wondered if it was a combination of the skin I used on the boxes as well :-D
  22. Same here... I've been putting it aside, I didn't know what to think... :-D
  23. ScarletFox


    May I please get a Pumpjack placed? Thank you :-)
  24. ScarletFox


    Hello, may I please get a Pumpjack placed? Thank you :-)
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