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  1. The event build will remain for the wipe. We will do this one again for sure!
  2. Aurora


    .. and feel free to mention in server chat when you find one, too. Newer players usually don't know you have to enable sharing! ~ A
  3. Good job, everyone. ... except you posted to Pure PVE forums and this is on the Scourge PVE server. I'll try to get your night-time sky pics tonight when I'm logged in for Dresden's event and add to member gallery.
  4. Aurora


    Take your radiation pills And put your riot helmet on (10) Ground Control (9) to Major Dres (8) (7, 6) Commencing (5) countdown Engines on (4, 3, 2) Check ignition (1) ...
  5. We all feel Osepha's pain.
  6. Hey RepeatPete, welcome to RustEZ! Glad you found your way to the Scourge server.
  7. Boatload of trouble right there.
  8. Pumpjacks are delivered to your inventory when you log in to the server, after the store purchase. If you are referring to a pumpjack that was purchased prior to September 2018, please read this announcement: https://www.rustez.com/forums/topic/2236-store-update/ and submit a help ticket to request an EZ Store credit.
  9. Nothing like a good game of pickle roulette! The rules are simple: The first player to die, wins.
  10. US SCOURGE ADMINS OFFER REWARD FOR THE SKULL OF OZZEN. Rules for Bounty Hunters - Skulls cannot be harvested for bounty during official server events. - All server rules apply: No griefing, trapping, harassing or annoying player and so on to get the skull. - Admins will not assist or help players obtain the skull. - Skulls must be obtained from the Scourge player named in the wanted post. - Any form of cheating or being dishonest (i.e. changing your name to harvest a skull) will disqualify you from this event (for all wipes). - Only first bounty skull turned in each week will earn scrap reward and prize (March wipe: Mar 9-15, 16-22, 23-31). Tips: keep an eye on the kill feed when player is online to see what they are up to. Suggestions for Hunted Players - If you die, consider leaving your body intact so there is a chance for bounty hunters to loot your skull. - If your skull is not turned in by a bounty hunter during the wipe, you may turn yourself in to any admin in the last 3 days of current wipe (April 1-3) to redeem the bounty reward (paid out the following wipe).
  11. So many love trap bases set up for Feb 14th.
  12. When you realize not using a real pic in your Rust profile is the best choice. Also, True Apus gets most creepy Love Shack build award for this secret room.
  13. Super cozy admin Love Shack Build. Perfect for some quiet time with Brad ♥
  14. Aurora

    Scourge Grow Op

    Cpt.Cheese caught in the act. ;)
  15. Ohhhhhh!!!! Free PUMPKINS!

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