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  1. You are invited to join us on US Scourge, Friday, January 18, 2019 (8pm EST) for an evening at Dresden’s Casino Royale. Casino night features an open “Nailed It” tournament where winners will walk away with some sweet in-game prizes and loot. Speaking of scrap, you might want to spend some time this week hitting barrels. While people are waiting for a turn in the Nailed It tournament, players may also participate in other games including High Low, Craps, Roulette… and other surprising casino-esque games. Rules: 1. Cost to enter the tournament is 25 scrap. 2. Maximum bet for any other game is 50 scrap. 3. Please leave all weapons at home and arrive in 2 pieces of clothing max (no armor). Bring any scrap you want to spend at the event, and basics like food and water. Thanks to Dresden for the fantastic Casino Royale build and offering it up to use as a server event!
  2. Feeling left in the dark when it comes to Rust electricity? US Scourge has the solution for you! Stop by Ramencup’s Electricity Tutorial House (U7) for an easy to understand guide to using RUST electrical components. If you typically don’t play on (US) Scourge but want to learn more about electricity, ask for an admin in chat if you need assistance finding the location.
  3. Aurora

    US Scourge: Knocking on Death's Door

    Well, that was an intense game last night.
  4. Aurora

    Dead of Winter

    Ramen's zombie area (US Scourge Event Island/Carnival)
  5. Aurora

    JohnBooth's Tower Wars

    The last foundation standing... (US Scourge Tower Wars event)
  6. Aurora

    Aurora's Pookie iceberg.

    450 Pookies donated this wipe. It took almost 2 hours to place them all around this build. Thanks, all!
  7. Aurora

    Mogu's Rustmas Village

  8. Aurora

    Aurora's Pookie iceberg.

    Ohhhh the lights! Happy Rustmas!
  9. Aurora

    Holiday Build Tour

    Waiting for night to fall during the Holiday Build Tour (US Scourge Event)
  10. Aurora

    Chillin' With Friends

    Holiday photo booth (US Scourge Event Island/Carnival)
  11. Aurora

    Build Contest Winner

    MDK's Ice Pond. Amazing tree and 1st place in the US Scourge Holiday Build Contest
  12. Aurora

    Pumpkin Plinko

    Really? You ate the pumpkin... ? (US Scourge Event Island/Carnival)
  13. Aurora

    Totally Not Rigged...

    Players waiting to buy tickets to play games at the US Scourge Event Island/Carnival.
  14. Aurora

    Cheesy Death!

    Holiday photo booth (US Scourge Event Island/Carnival)
  15. Aurora

    US Scourge Festive Winter Build Contest

    Thanks to all who entered the contest ~~ and to everyone who joined us for a rather fun evening of build tours (pictures below). The winners are: 1st place: MDK - Frozen Lake at Q10 $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place: Gluesniffer Porningstar - Christmas Store at U18 $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place: smok3y4real247 - Base + Shop at U18 5 supply signals (for January wipe) ____________________ From the tour event....

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