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  1. Aurora

    Panic Platforms Event

    June Event US-Scourge - Panic Platforms
  2. US-Scourge players getting schooled by Cpt.Cheese
  3. June Event US-Scourge
  4. June Event US-Scourge
  5. AU Scourge Harbour Cup Horse Race (June wipe)
  6. Ubertool text color missing when returning server message.
  7. Yeah try adding elevation to increase the distance (i.e. sniper tower)
  8. Correction: It is only the first time on server. Same issue happened when I joined EU Scourge tonight. I entered on the beach (standing no sleep state) with game tip showing. Was immediately killed by a zombie and when I hit respawn I did parachute in. Here is the log from EU:
  9. Aurora

    No /warn

    Unable to use /warn to communicate with players. Stopped working at some point between late Thurs night and early this morning.
  10. When I'm grocery shopping and stand in the pickle section --- I'm imagining everyone in the aisle chugging and puking the dills.
  11. New spawn & respawn on AU Scourge has players starting on the beach. The blue game tip for how to guide the chute is displayed.
  12. If you don't figure it out -- jump in the Discord channel with one of the Scourge admins and we'll walk you though locating your screenshots and uploading to the forum!
  13. Thanks for playing! ❤️ If your name is listed below, please request your prize by July 3 (last full day of June wipe). -- If you won EZ Store credit post a reply in this thread. -- If you won a Golden Egg, request the prize from an admin on your server, using in-game chat when an admin is logged in. 🥇Top 3 Overall - $10 RustEZ Store Credit #1 US-Scourge Onelung 393:59 #2 EU-Survival Bullet Tooth 371:26 #3 US-Survival Reisa 322:31 🥇Second Place Prizes - $5 RustEZ Store Credit #4 US-Scourge JJ Wild 322:22 #5 US-Survival Bowlman 294 307:04 #6 US-Scourge J_Sno 296:59 🥚 Top 5 Per Server – A Golden Egg to Crack Open You're a good egg! Golden eggs are awarded to the 5 players with highest time logged on each RustEZ server. US-Casual CMD Grey US-Casual Baby Jesus US-Casual motrec US-Casual EnterTheHatrix US-Casual Jasper US-Survival Reisa US-Survival Bowlman US-Survival igorcraven US-Survival Chinaski US-Survival TangableB US-Pure pinkdragonvii US-Pure broonkhavar US-Pure Hooventaint US-Pure Helfgrim US-Pure MOcowgirl US-Scourge Onelung US-Scourge JJ Wild US-Scourge J_Sno US-Scourge Orie US-Scourge Great Scotch EU-Survival Bullet Tooth EU-Survival rmomc80 EU-Survival Schteve EU-Survival Autopsy EU-Survival Lucia EU-Pure Crucifiction P EU-Pure Brutuss EU-Pure AppleSauce EU-Pure RocketTestDummy EU-Pure Samaritan EU-Scourge micutu1003 EU-Scourge Pathfinder EU-Scourge Karru EU-Scourge Shinigami EU-Scourge TRASHCAN AU-Survival A.Bourgeat AU-Survival Synthetix AU-Survival Pumbler unknown AU-Survival ?? ??ixen AU-Survival Teak AU-Pure Roo_Ted AU-Pure Postanou AU-Pure serpent_c AU-Pure Mycina AU-Pure Misku AU-Scourge Jok AU-Scourge Mr.AFK AU-Scourge ZOMB AU-Scourge Angel Lang AU-Scourge Absolute Chad
  14. I should have the winner's list posted here on Monday/10th. After the winner's List has been posted: ~ Players who win the EZ Store credit will send me a private message via the website and I will submit your info for the prize. ~ Players who win the Golden Eggs may ask an admin for the prize in game.
  15. Aurora

    Mincopter Decay

    Minicopter decay (when stored inside) decays down to 0 from 1000 in 6 hours. Admin tested today 3:50 pm to 9:50 pm AT
  16. Trade text shows color=lime
  17. Come on down! You're the next contestant on Let's Make a Deal, Scourge! The game show where players win big, go home a loser, or are killed on stage in front of the live studio audience. The Rules are Simple... Twelve contestants from the studio audience will be randomly chosen have a chance to join Scourge hosts on stage. You will be offered a mystery item and given the choice to keep the item and walk away (*cough* stay alive) or trade it in for a prize locked in a chest or behind a door on the stage. When players choose to make a deal with the host hey don't know if they are trading up for a better item (like a high-value weapon or $10 RustEZ store credit) or if the trade in will be a "NULLER" (slang for a bad trade or an instant death prize). Let's Make a Deal, Scourge, will run Sunday, June 09 from 8 to 9 pm Eastern. Hosts will be available 15 minutes prior to show time. Players from other servers are always welcome to join us – as game show participants or audience members. Some prizes, like the RustEZ store credits can be redeemed on any of the servers. Get Ready! Help Scourge hosts out by doing a few things in advance of event start time: Arrive with basic clothes, food and water only. Leave valuables at your base. Scourge admins will teleport everyone to 'Studio 3' prior to show time! If you want to gather in Discord (US-Scourge chat), please join voice chat early and have Push-to-Talk (PTT) enabled. Make sure you have signs turned on in your game options. (Game Options > Censorship > Hide Signs *OFF*).
  18. RustEZ Scourge June Wipe Challenge: Best Bolty Sniper (US, AU or EU Scourge ) June 7 - July 3, 2019
  19. Aurora

    June Build Contest

    US Scourge Build Contest: June 7-26, 2019
  20. Think you have what it takes to earn the title of top sniper on any of the RustEZ Scourge servers? OBJECTIVE: Capture the longest distance zombie kill with the Bolt Action Rifle during June wipe. Players will have from Friday, June 7 to Wednesday, July 3 to submit their best shots. RULES FOR SNIPERS: 1. Upload a full-sized screenshot that clearly shows the hit in the kill feed. No cropping or editing. 2. You must secure your own Bolt Action Rifle to enter the challenge. Ammo & attachments are your choice. 3. You can build sniper towers or work in pairs/groups but only the player name shown in the kill feed can enter the screenshot. 4. Yes, capturing and posting the screen is required (see #1). 5. No cheating or being dishonest: You will be disqualified from this and all future monthly server challenges. AWARDS: The Top 3 Bolty Zombie snipers (from US, AU or EU Scourge) will receive a supply signal to use on wipe day in May. The top sniper will also earn the Bolt Action Rifle + 20 stack ammo on wipe day in July. GLHF! Even if it's not a winning shot, please feel free upload and share your kill feed attempts, screens of your sniper gear or sniper tower here for discussion! Previous Monthly Zombie Challenges & Winners: May Wipe Challenge: MGL Zombie Popper April Wipe Challenge: Zombie Snipers Wanted
  21. No killfeed entry when players are killed by (or kill) a horse.
  22. Aurora

    Heli Indicator

    Update: - Players can toggle HUD /hud *twice* and the indicators works correctly when toggled. - Icons do not dynamically update, so icons will be incorrect again.
  23. Aurora

    Heli Indicator

    Heli indicator not lit when heli event spawns on server. Note: Possible the Cargo ship indicator lights incorrectly for heli (i.e. cargo is lit, don't see cargo on server or a spawn message in BM for it).

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