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    The Air Power Update

    [rust.facepunch.com] Minicopters, RF Communications, Performance tweaks and more. Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com] Changelog New Hemp Plant Refresh New Palm Trees in Arid Biome Iterative entity networking (fixes frame rate drops when moving around the world) Custom garbage collections (fixes frame rate drops when moving or in combat) Added Mini Helicopter Added Flasher Light Added Siren Light Added Audio Alarm Added RF Broadcaster Added RF Receiver Added RF Transmitter Added RF Pager Added Player Sensor Added RAND Electricity Component Added Chinese New Year items Fixed chat / player name "rich text" exploits Fixed entity not taking damage when explosive was attached to lock Fixed deployable rotation via R key when deploying on terrain at an angle Fixed being able to see through floors on reconnect Fixed sometimes receiving fall damage when respawning Fixed toggling censorship option enabling worn light source Fixed netgraph not working Fixed entities sometimes missing when spectating Fixed lens flares flickering in some cases Fixed dive site tugboat windows visible over water Fixed multiple Hapis out of bounds exploits Unity 2018.3.3 EAC SDK update Clear Log.EAC.txt on server start Send delta snapshots instead of full snapshots when spawning (faster respawn) Optimized memory allocations when applying skins to items on the client Optimized rigidbodies on various entities on the client Optimized memory allocations when building blocks are spawned on the client Optimized client and server relating to buoyancy performance Enabled entity pooling on ceiling lights on the client Enabled multibox pruning broadphase (client and server physics performance) Disabled rigidbody interpolation on HAB and CH47 (server physics performance) Strip various client only components from the server (server memory usage) Military Tunnels exit route balance Enabled Fullscreen Exclusive by default Optimized GunTrap/Autoturret/FlameTurret CPU usage Increased SAM Site Lethality Added 'Toggle' input to Memory cell
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    Community Update 214

    [rust.facepunch.com] Lots of tutorials, including how to make a lighthouse; a cartoon, RP, and more. Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com]
  3. Facepunch

    Community Update 85,208

    [rust.facepunch.com] A new player record, awesome builds, incredible contraptions, and more. Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com]
  4. Facepunch

    Happy New Year!

    [rust.facepunch.com] A brief update as we get back to work. Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com] Changelog Fixed snowmachine blocking cave entrances Fixed upkeep consuming more resources than intended Removed large double caves [Hapis map] Removed Christmas events
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    Community Update 212

    [rust.facepunch.com] Xmas builds, electric contraptions, the most relaxing Rust video ever, and more. Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com]
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    Season's Beatings

    [rust.facepunch.com] Santa comes to Rust, and everyone gets presents! Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com] Changelog Enabled Christmas content EAC SDK update Fixed some M39 sounds not playing Batteries have less capacity but higher charge efficiency Fixed batteries not being able to be wired in series Batteries must have at least 5 seconds of juice to begin discharging Root combiner can be chained with other root combiners Added short circuit detection to root combiner Lowered solar panel power output to 20 Solar panel power output scaled by health Fixed branch/combiner showing the title 'blocker' when aimed at Updated and improved a few electrical item descriptions Updated ceiling light sounds to be less loud and annoying Fixed broken monument puzzles Bucket Helmet cost reduction Removed Charitable Rust Jerry Can Fix for workshop ADS simulation Fixed Force-Feature exploit
  7. Facepunch

    Community Update 211

    [rust.facepunch.com] Celebrating Rust's 5th birthday with contraptions, art, and more. Thanks for playing! Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com]
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    Rust's Electric Anniversary

    [rust.facepunch.com] Celebrating Rust's 5th anniversary with a huge update: electricity is here, enabling players to build elaborate defensive contraptions and other amazing devices. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy! Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com] Changelog Added electricity Added 17 electrical components Added Wire Tool Added M39 Scientist movement is slower when walking sideways or backward. Scientists at the Cargo Ship should no longer move super fast under certain conditions. Fixed some anti-hack issues that could cause projectile_invalid Fixed hot air balloon push through object exploits Fixed ore spawn issues on custom maps with certain biome distributions Fixed melee anti-hack issues when parented to vehicles Fixed HAB not deflating under some circumstances Junkpile scientists got updated to new AI systems. Scientists at the Military Tunnel Lab got updated to new AI systems. Scientists hug cover more but can get frustrated. New AI systems are now properly load balanced without sacrificing reaction time. Exposed NPC vending machines to SDK prefab list Added ocean_patrol_path_iterations convar Particle effects on the cargo ship now simulate in local space All elevators in the game now use entity parenting triggers All elevators in the game now have a kill trigger to crush players with Added tick_populations and tick_individuals resource spawn convars Overhauled hunting bow (better responsiveness) Added underwear censorship option Can place ladders anywhere on the cargo ship Storage boxes drop their items at the last position they took damage at
  9. Facepunch

    Community Update 210

    Electrical base defenses, maps, raid cams, and more.
  10. Facepunch

    Community Update 209

    [rust.facepunch.com] Electric contraptions, cool maps, great art, Rust's Wild West, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
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    Community Update 208

    [rust.facepunch.com] Ridiculous maps, art, contraptions, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
  12. Facepunch

    Community Update 207

    [rust.facepunch.com] Charitable Rust, art, base tours, maps, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
  13. Facepunch

    Community Update 206

    [rust.facepunch.com] A new concurrent player record, lots of art, bases, maps, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
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    The Hot Air Balloon Update

    [rust.facepunch.com] Up, up and away... Hot Air Balloons are in, along with anti-air missiles to take them down. There's a new type of Cargo Ship, nerfs, and more. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy! View Post[rust.facepunch.com] Changes Added Hot Air Balloon Added SAM Site Temporary game ban support Added Cargo Ship loot respawns Added wind option to generic shaders Sleeping in Safezone no longer permitted by NPC guards. Fixed anti hack issues when jumping off moving entities Fixed multiple ladder exploits Fixed network interpolation jitter shortly after spawn Fixed network interpolation jitter on physics props Fixed tool cupboard exploits using shelves Fixed out of control pumpkin multiplication Fixed DST related packet flooding kick Fixed packet flooding kick when applying skin using repair bench Boat wake foam shaders to prevent fading out close to water Physics props now always preserve their correct velocity when parenting NPC updates for the new Cargo Ship features. New asset bundle layout Reduced L96 Condition Increased L96 Cost Tactical Gloves provide 80% AimSway reduction (was 100%) Optimized tree impostors
  15. Facepunch

    Community Update 205

    [rust.facepunch.com] Halloween builds, a working Beancan Grenade, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
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    Happy Halloween!

    [rust.facepunch.com] We've released an update which enables a bunch of Halloween content. This content will be live until the next patch on November 1st. You'll find some new NPCs which drop all sorts of Halloween goodies, from graveyard fences to loot bags and coffins. There are also some Halloween themed items for sale on the Rust Item Store, check them out Here Enjoy! Note: If the strobe light is bothering you, you can press F1 and enter "strobelight.forceoff 1" in the console to ensure they remain off View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
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    The Cargo Ship Update

    [rust.facepunch.com] All aboard! The Cargo Ship event is live. The CCSC Lazarus patrols the waters, packed with Scientists and loot. We've also added the L96 rifle, a new scope, tactical gloves, and more. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy! View Post[rust.facepunch.com] Changes Added Cargo Ship Event New navigation technology for Scientists to move on a moving Cargo Ship. Added ability to turn monument lights only during a time frame Added parented entity movement Added custom LOD support for moving objects Added Burlap Gloves Added Roadsign Gloves Added Tactical Gloves Added L96 Added 8x Scope Scientist on the bridge outside of Military Tunnel is not as accurate with his pistol. Scientists at Military Tunnel has slightly lower health. Scientists at Military Tunnel throw grenades in more situations. Optimized shadow rendering on most monuments Disabled tree impostor shadows due to Unity gfx jobs related crash Optimized OC dynamic occludee processing Greatly reduced corn and pumpkins fruiting life length Extra clothing slot Can zoom out farther on map Fixed motion blur and culling-related popping issues on dynamic occludees Fixed hazmat/scientist suits motion blur issues at a distance Respawn timers for Scientists at Military Tunnel are now fixed. Fixed addtoteam forcing players to team without accepting invite Fixed Hapis MT puzzle breaking Fixed vending machine breaking when placed on wooden foundations Fixed metal shopfront exploit Fixed garage door blocking placement of triangle floors
  18. Facepunch

    Community Update 204

    [rust.facepunch.com] Pyramids, castles, submarines, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
  19. Facepunch

    Community Update 203

    [rust.facepunch.com] Mazes, art, custom maps, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
  20. Facepunch

    Community Update 202

    [rust.facepunch.com] Ape maps, chemists, addiction, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
  21. Facepunch

    Community Update 201

    [rust.facepunch.com] Floating islands, slingshots, giant crystals, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
  22. Facepunch

    The Performance Update

    [rust.facepunch.com] We took this month to focus heavily on performance, with lots of optimization. Let us know how we did. We also have a look at some upcoming additions: a new boat event, slot machines, and more. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy! View Post[rust.facepunch.com] Changes Scientists at Military Tunnel throw grenades. Scientists at Military Tunnel use syringes. Workshop skins are now included in the main game download Added prefab warmup to loading screen Added new prefab pooling system Added "Max Tree Meshes" graphics option Added ladder trigger for custom maps Added high frame rate camera movement Added Smoke Grenade item Added "Hide Sign" option Added multi-threaded rendering Added occlusion culling graphics option Added new optimized impostor rendering Scientists at Military Tunnel hear footsteps, explosions and gunfire. Scientists at Military Tunnel use a new aim system. Scientists at Military Tunnel use a new, more reactive, sensory system. Optimized asset bundles Optimized loot panels Fixed various skin icon issues Optimized various dynamic memory allocations Health over time takes longer to convert into health Optimized mesh LOD updates Reorganized graphics and performance settings Optimized low level memory pool Pumpkin and corn now stackable to 10 Removed pumpkin condition Workbenches now decay after a long period BBQ allows deployables underneath Repair Bench allows deployables on shelve Pumpkins and corns give less seeds when consumed Atmosphere volumes now visible from outside Bandit Camp Optimized some rendering related dynamic memory allocations Optimized localized ambience system Scientists at Military Tunnel stay engaged with enemies. Scientists at Military Tunnel now reload in cover. Bandit guards now aggro smoke grenade throwers. Bandit guards shoot better at long range. Bandit guards now kill sleeping players after 20 minutes. Recycler at bandit town is now better protected by bandit guards. Junkpile scientists fire their pistol instead of just fleeing. Animals now roam in a restricted distance from where they spawned. Fixed entities sometimes showing wrong skins Fixed stall during ocean patrol point generation on some custom maps Fixed Nametag Performance issue Fixed workbench phrases Fixed passing loot through floor using BBQ exploit Fixed Snow jacket name Fixed RHIB disappearing on server restarts Fixed rowboat becoming invisible Fixed invisible supply signal smoke Fixed being able to turn recycler on/off if you are not the user Fixed boats decaying while in use Fixed tree impostor shadow orientation Fixed terrain texture not resized on graphics quality change Fixed smoke grenade issues with glass windows Fixed censor cube glitches around smoke grenade Frame-rate stutter caused by ambience sound emitter removal Removed world reflection quality as it is currently not supported Removed "MoveToContainer failed!" message Deprecated navmesh grid system removed.
  23. Facepunch

    Community Update 200

    [rust.facepunch.com] The most ridiculous custom build we've ever seen, a deep dive into the Legacy map remake, a real-life Compound Bow, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com]
  24. Facepunch

    Community Update 199

    Other games remade in Rust, custom maps, and more. https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/community-update-199/
  25. Facepunch

    Community Update 198

    Weird maps, naked hunting, Rust IRL, and more. https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/community-update-198/