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  1. Congratulations to the Winners!!! 1st: Massivevoid 2nd: gage 3rd: Jose Fred 4th: Krammer01 Thank you to everyone who attended. It was great fun. Your determination was extraordinary and impressed the Admin team. Thank you again, Frenchy
  2. Hall of Pain This event will be simple get across the hall Alive. It will not be an easy task though. You will face unseen dangers were one miss step could be your last. -All are welcome to come give it a try. -You are to bring Nothing you don't want to lose. -You will be only given a glimmer of hope to get to the other side. Time: 12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm GMT 2/24/2019 PURE (US) Prizes: 1st Place: $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd Place: $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd Place: 5 Supply signals Completion Award: 2 Supply signals Participation Award: 1 Supply signal Rules: -Any boosting up on walls or taking any other path other than the hall will result in disqualification. -Please keep moving Forward! Not one Step Back! -Picking up other players will be up to you. Do you help someone in need or leave them to die? You decide for yourself. -Try to be respectful to other players, but be aware people will be bumping into each other. -You are going to die. A lot.
  3. Offender: Vizie https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198872257483 https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/754332966 Server: US Pure Time: 12:13AM CST Length: Permanent Reason: Raiding, Racism Additional Info: Log on to player saying racist comments in chat, he was muted and told to that it will not be tolerated. After that, he made signs against the admins and antisemitism. He got rid of the signs. Later that day the player entered 2 players house and looked through there chests. He tried robbing them (with a gun) for stone, but owner didn't have any, so he took 5 stacks of wood from the owners. He tried to leave immediately with the wood. Admins stepped and talked to him. Vizie denied stealing. Then admitted doing it and swore at the admins saying more racist comments. Proof: Vizie: !@#$$%^ ADMIN WONT GET OFF MY ^&*% Vizie: IM NOT YOUR THE ONE CAUSING PROBLEMS Vizie: $%#@%^ %$#@# Vizie: I WALKED INTO A UNLOCKED BASE ASKING FOR SOME STONE Vizie: I DID NOTHING WRONG Vizie: WHAT A %$#@#$ $#@# %$#@ Vizie: NO ITS RAIDING WHEN IM TAKING %$#@ I WAS FRIENDLY Vizie: I WAS ASKING FOR STONE Vizie: OH SHIT THEN I OFFERED TO GIVE IT BACK Vizie: OH YAH I HARRESED THEM BULLSHIT Vizie: THEN THEY THREATEND TO BAN ME FOR OTHER SHIT LLIKE SAYING JEW Vizie: OH %$#@ OFF %$#@ Vizie: %$#@ ADMIN THEY ARE %$#@#$ Vizie: GOT TOOOOO SENCOR IT OR BANN Vizie left the server
  4. Well that was a lot of work for that. At least we tried.
  5. Offender: does it look like i smot poke? (76561198045617306) Server: Pure (US/UK) Time: 3:15 Reason: Toxic Behavior Info: Toxic Behavior in chat, When talked to didn't quorate, just kept making fun of pve servers. Kept trying to f1 kill to get out. Most of the interaction was through verbal in-game chat. Proof: Below
  6. Offender: username (76561198069923613) Server: Pure (US/UK) Time: 3:15 Reason: Toxic Behavior Info: Toxic Behavior in chat, When talked to didn't quorate, just kept making fun of pve servers in both voice and game chat and being toxic. Proof: Below
  7. Offender: Can I Hit Juul? (Steam)(76561198829500303) Time: 8:11pm CST Length: Permanent Reason: Twigging and Raiding Found looting items from another players furnace and refinery. Given warning through console that it is not allowed on this server. Later I found twigging into 3 players bases and looting items. Found sleeping in another players enclosed furnace pen. Proof: Base #1 Base #2 Base #3
  8. Frenchy


    @stuntmanmike87 Pumpjack placed.
  9. Frenchy


    Could I get my pumpjack placed on scourge.
  10. Frenchy


    @Osmodeus pj placed
  11. Entered a players base through a window and looted many containers, tried to run from the scene. I Jailed him then ask him to give the stuff back did not comply. Killed himself then tried to loot another players base. Victim has been refunded. Proof:
  12. Incorporate rules on the Casual server, Like pvp monuments and looting is legal. Right now if feels the same as survival with more angry animals (zombies). I like it so far but because it so close survival it got stale very quickly
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