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  1. Rustafied

    Exploit fixes and Heavy Scientists

    12:00am EST - Another productive week in Rust development with forward progress on new monuments and NPC’s, plus optimizations and exploit fixes. Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Exploit fixes liveThere have been some nasty exploits going on since the last update. Thankfully, the devs have released a couple client and server updates over the past few days to address these issues. Heavy ScientistsA new, beefy NPC is on its way. The Heavy Scientist branch started this week with Taylor tinkering with artwork - LOD’s, skins, materials, and the like. No visuals or further information on these at this moment, we simply know they will be a more powerful version of the boys in blue we currently have. Oil RigWork continues on the Oil Rig monuments. Although these offshore monuments (one large, one small) haven’t been merged in quite yet, we do expect them to hit staging servers in the near future. When they do, we’ll post the pertinent details like puzzle solutions, loot info, scientists, etc. Giant Excavator MonumentAnother monument is in the works! The Giant Excavator has completed it’s white box (model without texture) version and Vincent told me we should have some visuals next week. In the meantime, I pulled the above from the depths of the concept Trello (not sure if this is anything close to how it’ll look). Build improvementsAndre continues his work on improving the build speed of the server and client executables. Optimizations to this compiling will allow developers to test their changes quicker and stands to lower chances of delayed patches. Performance increasesOptimizations to the game progress as Diogo continues work on texture streaming. This new system for memory management of textures stands to free up a significant amount of GPU processing power which could mean more precious frames per second for players. He’s also done some miscellaneous other things to improve performance like rejiggering bundles, improving checks and references. Other stuffMore work to the water 4 branch (new waves and shit)
  2. Rustafied

    Crash fixes, optimizations, and more!

    12:00am EST - It’s been one week since the update and quite a lot has occurred. The minicopter is in, performance is much better, and it appears teh crashes have been fixed. Development is moving forward in the form of further optimizations, improvements to the minicopter, tweaks to the building system, and progress on the Oil Rig monument. Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Update post mortemYou may have noticed the update last week was not without its hiccups. Servers in particular experienced issues with crashes over the weekend. It appears there were a couple types of crashes - some due to oxide and others related to the game. Although the exact source of these crashes may not be abundantly clear, my money's on the update to the latest version of Unity which threw a bunch of wrenches in the mix (wouldn’t be the first time). Thankfully, the developers at both Facepunch and Oxide worked hard during the past few days to remedy the issues and it seems they were successful in this endeavor. As of the forced update yesterday, the crashes appear to have subsided. Through all the hubbub the last couple days, one important thing may have been missed: performance has greatly improved! Both clients and servers have been running better (and held up) over the past few days. A huge thank you to the team at Facepunch for prioritizing these optimizations to the game. There is still one casualty of the update at play: puzzles at power plant are broken at the moment. Alistair confirmed this will remain the case until the next wipe. Texture streamingSpeaking of optimizations, Diogo is working on implementing a new system which saves on client overhead. A new feature in Unity 2018.2, texture streaming allows developers to control which mipmap levels are loaded into memory. This system is used to lower the overall memory usage by only loading the textures which are needed based on the current conditions. Long and short: it trades a small amount of CPU power for a large savings in GPU memory. Minicopter fuel gaugeAfter its arrival last week, the Minicopter is seeing some tweaks and improvements. Along with some updates to the model, a fuel gauge for this new airbound vehicle is in the process of being added. Although not on the main branch yet, fuel levels will likely be visible to the pilot come the next update. Build tweaksAndre is working on some tweaks to the build process. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with changes to building bases. Rather, it refers to improving the speeds at which new commits and last minute changes can be tested on the staging branch. Each time a change to the code base happens, the client and server files have to be ‘built’ prior to being able to test them out. This process used to be a lot quicker, but over time has slowed down to the point where it takes over an hour for one of these builds to happen. This extended build time can make for late patch releases when last minute changes need to occur. Hopefully through this body of work, those build times will be reduced. Oil Rig progressWork continues on the long awaited Oil Rig monument. It has come to light this week that there will actually be two version of this monument, a large and a small. Similar to the Harbor monuments, it’s likely both of these will be present of most maps. These monuments are still on a separate branch, but we will have a full write up of what to expect once they are merged in. Other stuffSome other miscellaneous performance fixes Chinese lantern sounds reduced HBHF now properly remembers settings Influx of hackersFinally, a note on the current climate of hackers. The game has seen an influx of cheating over the past week. Word on the street says this is caused by a new type of hack which blocks communication with EAC. The state of hackers is always in an ebb and flow - sometimes there are very few hackers, other times servers are inundated with them. Thankfully, EAC and the developers at Facepunch are generally quick to come through with updated detection and mitigation of new hacks when they come out. If you see a hacker, please report them via the F7 menu. If you’re on Rustafied servers, please also use our player report feature so our moderation team can look into it. Speaking of moderation team… Moderation team applications are open!We’re actively seeking new members to join the ranks of our esteemed moderation team. If you’re over 18, have a level head on your shoulders, and preferably (although not required) have some moderation experience, please fill out an application today!
  3. Rustafied

    Minicopter is here!

    Update day is upon us and with it comes a new mode of air transportation, a slew of fresh electrical items, new tree and hemp models, and best of all, performance improvements for both servers and clients! Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it... Minicopter addedA new vehicle has arrived to grace the skies of Rust! The Minicopter is a two seat helicopter which runs on low grade fuel. Similar to Hot Air Balloons, you’ll find these around the map at random intervals. A rare commodity, only several spawn per map (the exact number is not clear yet). Steering is accomplished by moving your mouse to control direction, using ‘W’ and ‘S’ to raise and lower, and ‘A’ and ‘D’ to go side to side. They rise to a respectable altitude and move at a decent click. SAM sites will target them, so watch out! Thankfully, the copter is maneuverable enough to be able to dodge incoming missiles. If you do get hit, it’ll drop the vehicle health by about 5% (meaning 20 direct hits will down the Minicopter). Radio Frequency DevicesA whole family of new items has arrived which allow you to communicate with your electrical devices and teammates like never before! These radio frequency (or RF) devices operate on a broad band of frequencies (1 to 9,999) which can be set by the user. Make sure to keep your frequency a secret though, as anyone can broadcast on any frequency they choose! These radio transmissions travel instantly across the map, with no limit on range or number of devices. There are 4 items in total which make up the group: A RF Receiver, RF Transmitter, RF Broadcaster, and Pager. These devices hook up to other electric items via the wire tool, and allow for remote triggering in a way never before possible. They are all non-default blueprints and require a level 1 or 2 workbench to craft. Here are some specifics on each one of these new RF items: RF ReceiverThis deployable device will trigger electrical current to flow when a signal is sent on the frequency which it is set to. Crafting cost 8 high quality metal 1 tech trash Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 2 Recycles for 4 high quality metal 50% chance of 1 tech trash Research cost 20 scrap RF TransmitterA handheld switch which communicates with any Receivers or Pagers on the same frequency. Hold the trigger down to activate; let go to deactivate. Crafting cost 5 high quality metal 1 tech trash Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 1 Recycles for 3 high quality metal 50% chance of 1 tech trash Research cost 20 scrap RF BroadcasterSimilar to the transmitter, this device sends out a radio signal on the frequency it is set to. As opposed to being handheld, however, this device is deployed and sends out a signal when an electrical current is received. Crafting cost 10 high quality metal 1 tech trash Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 2 Recycles for 5 high quality metal 50% chance of 1 tech trash Research cost 20 scrap RF PagerThis handy little device will make noise (or vibrate if set to silent) when it receives a signal on the frequency it is set to. Crafting cost 25 metal fragments 1 tech trash Crafting time 20 seconds Workbench Level 2 Recycles for 13 metal fragments 5 scrap 50% chance of 1 tech trash Research cost 20 scrap HBHF SensorA new way of sensing the presence of others has arrived. The Heartbeat, Breathing, Humidity, and Footstep Sensor (or HBHF for short) is triggered when anyone in direct line of sight shows up within 20 meters of where it is placed. Configured with a hammer, it can be set to go off when authorized or unauthorized people are in range. This allows for multiple uses, from sounding the alarm when intruders are about, to automatically turning the lights on when teammates arrive back home. Crafting cost 15 high quality metal 1 tech trash Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 2 Recycles for 8 high quality metal 50% chance of 1 tech trash Research cost 75 scrap RAND SwitchA new type of switch has made its way into the mix this month. The RAND switch does exactly what it sounds like: when current runs through, it randomly closes between true and false. Although the practical uses for this switch may allude you at first, it does open up some interesting possibilities for traps, contests, and games. Crafting cost 5 high quality metal 1 gear Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 1 Recycles for 3 high quality metal 75% chance of 1 gear Research cost 20 scrap New lightsTwo new lights will be available once the update hits. The Siren Light and Flasher light both hook up to electricity, and do pretty much what you would expect: light up. The Siren Light is red and spins around in 360 degrees when power is flowing. In contrast, the Flasher Light is blue and pulses very quickly 3 times every couple of seconds. They can be deployed on grounds, walls, and ceilings around your base. In conjunction with the new HBHF sensor, they could be used to alert you and your team of certain instances. They also could be part of an effective landing pad for your Rusty new Minicopter. Flasher Light Crafting cost 5 high quality metal Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 1 Recycles for 3 high quality metal Research cost 750 scrap Siren Light Crafting cost 5 high quality metal Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 1 Recycles for 3 high quality metal Research cost 750 scrap New palm treesThe arid biomes of Rust have received a face-lift this month with the addition of several new types of palm trees and bushes. These large and sometimes oddly angled new variants of foliage look great! New Hemp modelsPalm trees aren’t the only foliage being tweaked this update. Hemp has received a new model. First teased a couple devblogs ago, these new models have finally made their way in. They do not change anything about how hemp grows or functions, but they do look pretty neat! Performance improvementsThe team at Facepunch has prioritized a bunch of fixes and improvements to performance this month. Focusing both on clients and servers, Helk and Co. have implemented a bunch of optimizations which should make game-play much smoother overall. From garbage collection buffering to turret triggers, a variety of approaches have been used to achieve these improvements. I’m not going to attempt to go into the 1’s and 0’s of the technicalities behind these changes, but I expect the devblog will have a bit more insight if you’re interested in the nitty gritty of what was done. The main takeaway from this: Performance should be better all the way around! As always, we can’t know the full extent of these improvements till they are launched and running on a server with several hundred people. That said, I am very optimistic to see this body of work in the wild. Unity updateComplimenting the above optimization, a new version of Unity is in use with its own set of performance boosts. Alistair told me it's hard to note all the changes down, but there are definitely some gains to be had - some of which are in now, some which will come in future updates. For more details on this version of Unity, check out the changelog here. Generator ArtTom has been killing it with new art recently. Along with finishing up on the new RF devices, he’s posted a render of a new electrical generator. This didn’t make it into the game for this update, but we will likely see it in the near future. Other stuffMemory cell now has 'toggle' input Cargo ship destroys building blocks it encounters Oil Rig monument didn’t make it in, most likely with show up next month. Work started on a Giant Excavator monument Charitable Rust 2018 raised $62,000!In case you missed it, the final numbers are in, and Charitable Rust 2018 raised $62,000 for charity: water! Check out more info on my previous post. Building Community Team!Applications are open for our community team! If you’re over 18 and interested in helping with the creation and production of community events in the form of building, video editing, plugin development, artistry, and more, please fill out our application by following the link below. Apply now
  4. Rustafied

    Charitable Rust 2018 raised $62,000!!

    The final numbers are in and I’m proud to announce that Charitable Rust 2018 raised $62,000 for charity: water! I am so honored by the generosity and good will of this incredible community. This was the fourth year we’ve run this event - each year raising more than the last. Through Charitable Rust, the Rust community has generated over $136,000 total in charitable donations! We’re not stopping there as planning for Charitable Rust 2019 is already underway. With a high bar set, our team is working on a plethora of new events, exciting challenges, and entertaining games to participate in. Thank you to everyone who has participated throughout the years - none of this would be possible without the amazing dedication of the production team, skin creators, builders, streamers, participants, viewers, and everyone else involved. Acknowledging FacepunchTo the developers of this awesome game, Facepunch, I give special acknowledgment. Their support and contributions to Charitable Rust each year have allowed us to give far more than would have been otherwise possible. The first year of the event, Garry matched the entire amount of donations, doubling the amount raised. Since then, skin sales have be the source of the majority of funds donated. Helk took time out of development last year to shift the color and description of the Water Jug in game, raising a ton of awareness during November leading up to the 2018 event. On top of all that, for three years running, Facepunch has also donated Steams cut of the skin sales from their own pockets. This allows for 100% of the money people have spent on those skins to go to the charitable cause and dramatically increases the total amount raised. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team at Facepunch for your support in this cause and ongoing dedication to creating such an incredible gaming experience. Community team building!As mentioned above, we’re already working on this years Charitable Rust event! We’re looking for help with building, video editing, plugin development, artistry, and more. Please fill out the application by following the link below if you are interested in joining the team! Apply
  5. Rustafied

    Detonators and Lights!

    12:00am EST - With just one week to go before the update we’re seeing some exciting items enter the game. From a new air vehicle and water monument to fresh electrical items and lights; sprinkle in some performance optimizations to boot and we’ve got an amazing update on the way! Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. RF Detonator and ReceiverA new way to remotely trigger electrical items has arrived in the form of a RF Detonator and Receiver. These devices communicate with each other through radio frequencies which can be set by the player (ranging between 1 and 10,000,000). The Detonator is basically the switch which communicates with any Receivers on the same frequency. Hold the trigger down to activate the receiver; let go to deactivate. There appears to be no distance limitations or restraints on number of devices on the receiving end. The Receiver (which currently has the a Lantern model in game) is an electrical switch for all intents and purposes. You can hook electrical items to it like with other switches, and the electricity flows when the remote Detonator triggers it. This can be used for a variety of purposes from turning on lights to opening doors. Interestingly enough, there is no explosive to hook up to this (which is what the name denotes) but that could be added in the future. Along with the Detonator and the Receiver, an RF Pager has made its way to staging this week. It currently listens on frequency 55 and makes a noise when activated. Here are some more details on these items. Keep in mind these are still works in progress, so they’re likely to change prior to the update going live next week. RF DetonatorCrafting cost 150 metal frags Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 1 Recycles for 75 metal frags Research cost 20 scrap RF ReceiverCrafting cost 5 high quality metal Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 1 Recycles for 3 high quality metal Research cost 20 scrap   RF PagerCrafting cost Not craftable Recycles for Not recyclable   Flasher and Siren LightsTwo new forms of lights have made their way into the game. The Flasher Light and Siren Light both run on electricity and will be good tools for warning about things, guiding the landing of Minicoptors, or simply to decorate. The Siren Light consists of two red lights which spin around in a circle. The Flasher light on the other hand is a simple blue light which flashes quickly 3 times every other second. Here are some details on the costs. Like the RF stuff, these values are not final and will likely change prior to the update (especially that research cost). Flasher LightCrafting cost 5 high quality metal Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 1 Recycles for 3 high quality metal Research cost 750 scrap Siren LightCrafting cost 5 high quality metal Crafting time 30 seconds Workbench Level 1 Recycles for 3 high quality metal Research cost 750 scrap Minicoptor workProgress on the newest vehicle to grace the skies of Rust continued this week. Although still not merged in, this new vehicle appears to be on track for lift off with the February 7th update. A few things have come to light with regards to this craft in the past week. As expected, it seats two people and will run on Low Grade Fuel. Steering will likely be done via mouse movements (same as how the CH47 is piloted now - if you’ve played around with it). SAM sites will target the Minicoptor and it’ll have similar health to that of the attack helicopter. Optimization / Unity updateWe’ve seen a couple more improvements in the realm of server and client performance. There’s also a new version of Unity (2018.3.3) being tested on a separate branch. Looking at the patch notes, it does appear as though this new version of Unity includes some performance improvements. That said, it’s not clear if these are baked in per-say or will require shifts in the Rust code. It’s also not 100% this version of Unity will be active when the update launches next week, as sometimes these Unity updates require a considerable amount of fixes and tweaks before being ready to go in Rust. One thing is clear: the team at Facepunch is prioritizing performance and we expect to see improvements when the update goes live on February 7th. To see a summary of what's new in this version of Unity, check out the patch notes here. Oil Rig implementationThe Oil Rig monument is still receiving some finishing touches and tweaks. Although it’s still on a separate branch, it does appear as though it’ll go live when the update hits next week. Stay tuned here for more information once it’s merged into the main branch. Other stuffNew palm trees are being worked on (no visuals yet)
  6. Rustafied

    Optimizations and more!

    12:00am EST - With two weeks to go before the update, we’re seeing forward progress on the Oil Rig monument, the Minicoptor, new water dynamics, and best of all, performance improvements! Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Performance improvementsHelk and team have been working on optimizations for both clients and servers. Among other things, they’ve identified improvements through having turrets use triggers instead of overlapping spheres and tweaking Hot Air Balloons to go to sleep properly. Also, an EAC log file has been set to clear on each server start as it was growing to a very large size on popular servers which could have been a potential source of poor performance. Overall, Helk told me this could see improvements of 30% or more on server performance! It’s not just servers seeing improvements - Andre has been playing with different things on the client end to help enhance player performance. Although it’s hard to know the full extent of these optimizations till they’re launched and running on a full server, I’m grateful the devs are working on performance and can’t wait to see this in action. Minicoptor workThe newest vehicle to grace the skies of Rust has gotten some more work completed on it this week. The Minicoptor, although still on a separate branch, appears to be coming along nicely. It appears there is a good chance it’ll make it in the next update on February 7th. Stay tuned over the next two weeks for more information on this exciting new addition. Oil Rig progressThe new water-based monument is receiving some finishing touches this week. The Oil Rig monument now has loot spawns, AI Scientists, and even an electric puzzle. Still on a separate branch, specifics on these items are still unknown. As always, provide the full rundown once this new monument is merged to the staging branch. Water 4Work continues on a branch by the name of ‘water4.’ Although we haven’t seen any examples of these changes first hand, commits allude to the addition of wakes for boats, disturbance foam, and maybe even some new types of waves. No word on if this’ll make its way into the February update, but we’ll keep you posted. Other stuffUpdates to lighting on Compound and Military Tunnels EAC SDK update Pressure pad is able to be picked up
  7. Rustafied

    My first night in Rust

    I’ll never forget my first night in Legacy. High atop Resource Mountain; alone and attempting to stay warm around my campfire in my newly constructed Wood Shelter. A sheer sense of terror permeated my being as footsteps approached. Immediately I extinguished the fire. Quiet as a mouse, I hid in my shack - if I don’t move, maybe they will think no one is home. Although I had only spawned about an hour ago, the thought of losing all my worldly possessions (some wood and miscellaneous ore) to some dark figure in the night sparked a sense of fight or flight I had rarely experienced in gaming. Shining his flashlight through the cracks in my hut, the stranger promptly jumped onto the roof via a nearby boulder. Detected, I hesitantly spoke, “Hello out there. Are you friendly? It’s literally my first night in the game.” “Sure it is… hold on.” The stranger responds, immediately opening his steam overlay to corroborate my story. “Well I’ll be damned,” he said, “it is your first night. “Come on out of there, I’ll give you some things to help you get started.” Weighing my options, I cautiously exited my improvised abode. In front of me stood an imposing gentleman, adorned head to toe in kevlar. He proceeded to drop several items at my feet. As the sun started to peak its way over the horizon, I hastily picked up three items I had never held before: a metal hatchet, medkit, and some radiation pills. The stranger wished me well and carried on down the hill. Relieved, I spent the following day proudly gathering resources, building up my base, and even venturing into my first radtown with the help of the radiation pills my new friend had bestowed upon me. By that evening, I was feeling quite accomplished and secure in my first base. As I sat in front of my camp fire, I browsed the crafting menu to plan what I was to search out the next day. Just then, I heard footsteps approach. My friend returning? Maybe to give some more items to me? Then I hear it; a thunk followed by high pitched beeping. “What is this?” I thought. A second later, the wall in front of me exploded. My ‘friend’ had returned with some other friends, and they immediately gunned me down. I sat there in awe. All my worldly possessions, gone in an instant. I was hooked. Sure it was frustrating to lose my items, but never had I experienced such a visceral reaction to a game. Never had I seen so many opportunities for social engineering, such freedom to play however I wanted, and such an instinctual urge to protect my shit. It’s experiences like that which have encouraged me to start my first server. The ongoing commitment from the team at Facepunch to not only rebuild the entire game from scratch, but to keep improving and adding things week over week, month over month, is what’s motivated me to devote the better part of 5 years to reporting on development and providing the best environment I can to play the game. Like many of you, I’ve played video games since I was a child. From the earliest days of playing Duck Hunt on my uncle’s NES, to losing my life savings (about $10 at the time) on arcade games at my friend’s birthday party at Sports ‘n Games - I’m a gamer at heart. In more than 20 years, experiencing a variety of games across multitudes of platforms, I’ve never come across one as unique and captivating as Rust. The steady development and monthly updates keep the game fresh and ever expanding. Although I may take breaks here and there, I’m always excited to come back and experience the newest additions for myself. I literally can’t think of another game which has provided such rewarding (and sometimes frustrating) experiences while continually growing and improving over time. A mere peek at the roadmap and you can see the future of Rust is bright. Additions like RustNet, new vehicles, improved farming, multiple islands, new monuments, and more will continue to evolve and advance the game beyond our wildest expectations. To Helk, Garry, André, Vince, Diogo, Petur, Tom, Alistair, Damien, Pål, Alex, and all the other developers at Facepunch: thank you for your hard work, creativity, and dedication to creating this miraculous game. I am so excited to see what the future holds, and will be here for every step of the process. Community Team applicationsYou might be asking yourself, “That’s great and all, but why the hell did you write it?” Good question. I not only love reporting on the game, but I love building teams and community around it. With that, we’ve opened applications for our Community Team. This group of people is planning a bunch of awesome events (along with this year’s Charitable Rust) and we’re looking for passionate Rust players to join our ranks! If you’re over 18 and interested in helping with the creation or production of community events, please fill out our application by following the link below. Apply
  8. 12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development and we’re seeing more work on the upcoming Minicoptor, some new electrical components, a fresh camera model, and more. Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Before we get into the development news, I want to bring up an important topic. Let's talk about performanceIt’s no secret, performance on our servers hasn’t been the greatest recently. If you play on or host a popular server, you know we’re not alone in this. Performance across the board has been slipping for months now, and it’s reached critical mass. What took so long to say something? We constantly monitor the performance of our servers and are in close communication with the Facepunch developers when we experience poor performance. Although I’m ever present to this, I don’t make it a habit of harping on it. It is not my intention to bust Facepunch’s balls - I greatly appreciate what they do and fucking love the game they have created. They are always very responsive when we bring issues up, and I give them the benefit of the doubt that they will resolve issues in a reasonable amount of time. I don’t like to leave the community in the dark as to what is going on though. Therefore, I’ve decided to fully flesh out where things are at, what we’re doing about it, what you can do about it, and where we go from here. This mainly touches on server performance, although we all know client performance could also use some work. What’s causing this? A server will run decently for a period of time, then at some point, performance will take a dip, and gameplay becomes either sluggish or completely unplayable. Very rarely does a server recover fully without a restart - and even then, restarts just kick the can down the proverbial road. There doesn’t appear to be one single cause of these slowdowns. Rather, it’s likely a culmination of various changes and additions to the game over time has gotten us to this point. Historically, AI has been a main culprit. Between the cargo ship, bandit town, compound, junkpile scientists, animals, and everything else, there is more AI in the game than ever before. The presence of the cargo ship in particular appears to be a catalyst in these dips. It’s not clear if this event is the main cause of the server slowing or simply the straw that's breaking the camel's back. We also have electricity as a new part of the equation. Although Helk specifically throttled the amount of electrical requests which can be processed by the server at a specific time, there is definitely some overhead involved with this system. All this doesn’t even touch on the shortcomings of the underlying engine of the game, Unity. In all fairness, Rust is really pushing the boundaries farther than pretty much any other game out there. Each server has potentially hundreds of people at a time gathering, hunting, building, raiding, and the like. It’s really incredible when you think about it, and the sheer massiveness of the scope is one of the things that makes Rust so special. By the same token, when every action is delayed by seconds, or you end up dying and losing hours of work due to lag, the magic of the game is quickly replaced by anger and frustration. The very things which make the game amazing actually exacerbate the need for optimal performance. What are we doing to combat this? As a server owner, this is disheartening to say the least. When complaints of lag flood our Discord, I feel it in the pit of my gut; I cringe when I see posts referencing the poor performance on our servers. Our Systems Team and I have been doing everything in our power to remedy the situation. We just purchased two new servers with Coffee Lake processors in our US location. This is not the first time we’ve thrown more hardware at the situation and surely won’t be the last - we are always on the lookout for better hardware to be available from our host. Along those lines, we also rented new hardware in the AU last month so each server in that location has its own dedicated box. In fact, we currently run 21 dedicated boxes to host our 31 Rust servers. All of our larger servers have their own dedicated box to run the single instance of Rust. If you have any experience with hosting servers for other games, you know this is fucking insane. In addition to this, we are running server restarts much more frequently and have set up special alerts to inform our Systems Team when a server’s FPS drops to single digits consistently. We also, as always, are working with the developers at Facepunch to provide them with any information we can to help identify the biggest culprits of low performance. What should you do? If you’re playing in our servers and performance drops consistently for 5 minutes or more, please let us know in Discord and our Systems Team will look into it ASAP. Please keep in mind that a server restart isn’t a silver bullet and may not always be our immediate course of action. If you’re looking for a Rust experience that is as smooth as possible, I recommend finding a very low population community server (of which there are numerous great ones). If you only like playing on high pop servers, you may want to consider taking a break from Rust all together till the performance pendulum swings in the other direction. If you’re a server owner, I suggestion playing with disabling or limiting the amount of AI present on your server as this tends to be one of the largest performance hogs. Unfortunately, this is not an option for Rustafied servers as it fails to qualify as an official vanilla experience. Where do we go from here? The ball is in the developer’s court at this point. Thankfully, both Helk and Alistair have told me they are looking into it this month. Will we see some relief in the February update? That remains to be seen, but I sure as fuck hope so. Thank you for your patience in this matter. I am a strong believer that the best days of Rust are still ahead of us and I am excited to be here, reporting on development and providing the best server experience we possibly can. Much love, Bugs Minicoptor workWork on the newest vehicle to take flight in Rust continues this week. We’ve seen progress on animations and poses, along with work on the core functionality of the Minicoptor. Testing in game isn’t quite possible yet as this work is still being done on a separate branch. That said, it does appear as though this new vehicle may make its way into the next update. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more as this progresses. New electrical componentsHelk is working on a couple new items for electricity. Specifically, a new type of switch is on the way. The rand switch, although still on a separate branch, will likely be just what it sounds like - a switch that flows current through a random direction. More on this as we get closer to the update. New camera model in gameYou’ll be a bit more stylish when snapping shots in game of your friends after the next update. The camera model has received a facelift. Gone is the old Unity asset store model, a new custom design from Tom has made its way in game. Other stuffShifts to water being worked on (including the addition of a wake for rowboats) More progress on the Oil Rig monument Lighting tweaks to Military Tunnels No longer force full snapshots when spawning / respawning Loading screen status tweaks when spawning / respawning Fixed netgraph Add WorkshopSkin and MaterialReplacement components to skinned entities in prefab preprocessing to avoid runtime stutter (performance improvement?! Looks like it!)
  9. Rustafied

    Minicoptor incoming!

    1:14am EST - It’s been a fresh week of Rust development and we’re seeing some bug fixes, new artwork, and a new type of aircraft taking shape! Our update preview stream will go live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Minicoptor on the way!The newest vehicle to take to the skies of Rust is on its way. Helk has completed the prefab setup for the upcoming minicoptor this week. As we can see from the art work on Tom Butters’ Artstation page, it appears as though this will be a two person improvised helicopter which runs off low grade fuel. Given this is on a separate branch, information is limited and there are no ingame screens yet. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more information as work progresses on this exciting new addition. New camera modelSnapping pics of your fellow Newman will look a bit different soon as the model for the camera is being updated. No longer some janky model from the Unity asset store, this new camera features much more detail and an overall more Rusty look. Still not implemented ingame, we can see some examples of what to expect on Toms Artstation page. Blood bag artTom has also whipped up some nice looking art for the blood bag. No word specifically as to how this’ll be used in game, but it looks pretty cool. Bug fixesA couple miscellaneous bug fixes also made their way in this week. Here’s the lowdown: Fixed sometimes getting fall damage when respawning Fixed deployable rotation via R key when deploying freely at an angle Correctly damage parent entity when explosive is attached to lock Other stuffMore work on the Oilrig monument (still on separate branch) More improvements to Military Tunnel lighting  (still on separate branch)
  10. Rustafied

    Happy New Year Rust!

    12:00am EST - It’s a new year for Rust development and there are some exciting things right around the corner on the roadmap. After a much deserved holiday break, the team is getting back into the swing of things. Although there will be an update and forced map wipe today, it appears as though new additions to the game will be sparse - overall we’re mainly seeing a few minor fixes. Our update stream will go live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Before we get into the summary of changes, check out our 2018 year in review video! Rust 2018 - Year in Review VideoHere’s our year in review video from Puddy. Summary of developmentXmas content disabled Hapis tweaks and fixes More progress on the Oil Rig monument (not making it in this month though) Wolf AI work Military tunnels lighting work Holiday Build Contest Winners!I’m proud to announce the winners of our Holiday Build and Art Contest! A huge thank you to everyone who participated, there were some incredible builds and art produced during this event. Build Winners 1st Place: Rose 2nd Place: Lumma 3rd Place: Kranous Art Winners 1st Place: Salad Tosser 2nd Place: Putrid Fractal 3rd Place: Angus Innocens
  11. Rustafied

    Rust 2018: Year in Review

    Happy New Year everyone! It has been an incredible 12 months for Rust. To provide some perspective, this post summarizes additions to the game, month by month, in picture form. Keep in mind, much more happened throughout the year, this is just a highlight reel so to speak. Enjoy! January Scientists Hazmat suit Fire arrows Bone arrows Toolbox Tips February Frog Boots return Water well monuments Spas-12 12 gauge incendiary shells March Chainsaw Chinook Rowboat Hair April Floating bodies Floating junk Diving suit CH47 map marker May Outpost First Person Clothing June Monument puzzles RHIB New diving gear models Compass July Watchtowers Team UI Jackhammer Compound bow August Bandit camp Swamps Smoke grenades QOL Additions September Cargo ship Pumpkin nerf October L96 8x scope SAM sites Hot air balloons New gloves 7th clothing slot November Charitable rust 2018 Electricity December M39 Underwear
  12. Rustafied

    Happy Holidays!

    12:00am EST - A bit of a light week for commits as we head into the holiday season. This will be our last update preview post for the year, but stay tuned for a year in review post closer to that ball dropping. From everyone on the Rustafied team, I wish you and your families all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and whatever else you may celebrate. This has been an incredible year for Rust and I am so excited to see what 2019 brings for this amazing game. HQM bug fix You might have noticed there is no longer any high quality metal sporadically missing from your tool cupboards. Thankfully, a hotfix which went live late last week which appears to have fixed this long elusive bug. Andre was kind enough to do a post mortem on Reddit to explain the bizarre set of circumstances which lead to this issue. A big shout out to Andre and Alistair for getting to the bottom of this one! Oil rig workVincent continues his work on the upcoming waterborne monument, the Oil Rig. This monument is expected  to go live for the January 4th update. In case you missed them, here are some shots from the last devblog. Holiday Build Event - only days left!There have been some incredible submission for our Holiday Build and Art Contest which ends this Sunday! You still have a chance to win up to 6 months of Platinum VIP by joining in on the festivities. Look for the ‘Rustafied Holiday Build Contest’ server on the modded list. Stay tuned in a couple days for a post of the winners and other honorable mention’s.
  13. Rustafied

    Better not pout, I'm telling you why...

    3:30am EST - It’s that time of year again! The Rust Christmas event starts today and will last till January 3rd. In addition to the classics from previous years - you know, presents, stockings hung by the chimney with care, and every Newman rocking an Eoka - Helk and Co. have some fresh ways to spread the holiday cheer. There’s also some improvements to electricity! To get all this live, a mandatory server and client update will occur. As with all updates, there is no set time for when it’ll hit, but we’ll tweet the moment it does. This update will not force a wipe. All Rustafied set to wipe today will do so at their regular scheduled time (5pm EST/GMT/AEDT). See everything in action live on our update preview stream starting at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Santa’s Sleigh!Every Rust players Christmas in game wish has come true. Gone is the loud, soulless rumble of the C130. Instead, sleigh bells crescendo as you look up to find Rust Santa (a scientist dressed up as old St. Nick) and his sleigh soaring through the sky, magical sparkles in tow. As it flies overhead, a giant present is released which floats down, with glistening stars trailing the way. The loot is still the same, but damn if it ain’t festive as fuck. Snow MachineLike the Halloween event, there will be exclusive items available for purchase on the item store (released around when the update hits). Probably most exciting of them all, players will now be able to bring a bit of Christmas to them - even if they live in the desert. The Snow Machine has arrived and it does exactly what you think - makes snow! Think the fog machine, but for snow. Candy Cane deployablesOutdoor base decorations has gone up a notch this year with the addition of the very tasteful giant Candy Cane and Lollipop deployables. Plop them all over your yard to ensure your neighbors know just how big of a holiday spirit you’re packin’. Presents!As with previous Xmas’s, you can expect to be occasionally graced with presents. If you hear some jingle bells, look up, and there’s no sleigh in sight, go looking around as several presents may have spawned in your general area. Whack them a bit (they have 30 health) and you’ll be treated to 1 or more small or medium presents. These presents can be unwrapped or upgraded to higher tiers, which yield better loot. At the moment, this appears to be the same loot as last year's event. Small PresentPossible Contents Reindeer antlers ~245 wood ~124 stone ~36 metal frags ~3 chocolate bars Candy cane club Eoka + 10 shells Upgrade to medium 10 Medium PresentPossible Contents Waterpipe + 10 Shells Syringe 150 Low Grade Fuel 1000 Stone Small Stocking Pookie Bear Salvaged Cleaver Upgrade to large 5 Large PresentPossible Contents Revolver + 20 Bullets 20 High Quality Metal Pump Shotgun + 12 Buckshot 250 Crude Oil Flame Turret Large Stocking StockingsHung around the chimney (err, campfire) with care, this duo of deployables loads up with items over time - a long time. You’ll know when there’s some goodies inside when they start dazzling sparkles from the top. Small Stocking~250 wood ~150 stone ~25 metal frags Eoka + ~10 shells Reindeer antlers Candy cane club ~5 Chocolate Bars Coal Super Stocking~250 wood ~150 stone ~50 metal frags Eoka + ~10 shells Waterpipe shotgun + ~10 shells Medical Syringe Coal Electricity improvementsAll the work this week hasn’t just been on the xmas event. Some fixes to the newest system to grace us with its presence have made it in. Helk has done a ton of fixes and changes to electricity. Along with fixing some weird battery charge / discharge issues, he’s made it so batteries have less capacity but a higher charge efficiency. He’s also fixed batteries not being able to be wired in a series and made it so they much have at least 5 seconds of juice to begin discharging. Some items have been tweaked as well, including root combiners can now be stacked with other root combiners. They also now have short circuit detection. The output of solar panels has been lowered to 20 and its output is now also scaled by health. In addition, ceiling light sounds are now less loud and annoying. Finally, some descriptions have been updated and the branch and combiner no longer show the title of, ‘blocker’ when aimed at. Other thingsNerfed junkpile scientist aggro distance. Fixed junkpile scientists not always switching between flashlight and research gear correctly. Tweaked Military Tunnel scientist damage output. Fixed some M39 sounds not playing Holiday Build ContestWe’re running a Holiday Build Contest! Since last weekend, players have been joining a special server and and building their own holiday scenes and paintings. The contest will run till the end of the month and we’ll be giving out VIP packages to the winners. More details here.
  14. Rustafied


    12:00am EST - December is upon us, and with it, an an update we’re ex-static about! A powerful new dynamic has made its way into the game, opening up a slew of new options for base comfort and security. We’ve also got a new weapon, exclusive helmet, and more! As with all updates, there is no set time for this one to go live. Generally speaking though, the patch tends to hit between 2 and 5pm EST. Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST (or earlier if the patch is imminent). Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Electricity is here!A system long in the depths of concept limbo is finally here. Electricity provides a powerful new set of tools for Rust players, allowing for tons of fresh possibilities in the realm of base defense, automation, and more! An addition to the game of this magnitude calls for an entire guide, and that's just what we’ve created. For details on every new electric item along with practical examples, check out our fresh guide, “Electricity in Rust”. For those who aren’t looking for something quite so in depth, here’s a summary of the main things to know about this shocking new functionality. As with all new additions to the game, don’t be surprised if some of this information changes. We’ll keep stuff up to date as much as possible… View Full Guide Power generation and storage Before setting up those laser traps and pressure pads, you’re going to need to generate some electricity and store it. For getting that electricity, you have two options: the Large Solar Panel or Wind Turbine. For storage, you have two choices, a Small or Large Battery. Keep in mind, all of the electric items (with the exception of the wire tool) are non-default blueprints. Connectivity Once you have a source of power, you’re going to need some way to connect the devices. Enter: the Wire Tool. This item is crafted with High Quality Metal and facilitates the flow of electricity through various power-hungry pieces of equipment. To work with wire, equip it then left click on an attachment cube of one of the devices you’d like to connect (it looks like an off white box which expands and turns yellow when you point at it). From there you can left click on the wall to pin the wire (cable management anyone?) and guide the wire to the other item you’d like to connect. Wall in the way? No problem, simply walk around to the other side and the wire will go straight through. Each run of a wire can travel up to 30 meters or 16 pinned points. The wire tool itself has an unlimited amount of wire at the moment, so go nuts! Switch it up Next up, you probably want some ability to toggle this electricity on and off. For that, we’ve got a couple options: switch, pressure pad, laser detector, and timer - each one is pretty self explanatory as far as what it does. Mount them and hook up a wire to the input and output. Drop some logic Now that you’ve got a power source, switch, and some wire, you may want to step it up a notch with some logic. For this we’ve got an array of items such as a AND / OR / XOR Switches, Blocker, Counter, and Memory Cell. These items open up a ton of opportunities for lighting set ups, traps, tracking, and more. You might want to brush up on your electrical engineering skills though, the complexity can go up drastically as you add more things into the mix. …and more! There’s several other items which utilize electricity including a door controller (for opening and closing doors) and various wiring tools like a splitter, branch, and combiner. You can also run electricity to ceiling lights to operate them. Best of all, this is only the beginning, we expect more electrical items to be added in the future. M39 addedA new addition to the Rust arsenal has arrived! The M39 is a semi automatic military grade weapon. With a 20 round clip of 5.56 ammo and 3 attachment slots, this new rifle has greater range, deals more damage, and fires faster than its less militant cousin, the Semi Automatic Rifle. Like all other military grade weapons, this gun cannot be crafted or researched. At the moment, the only place to find one is in Bradley crates - this may change in the future. Underwear censorshipStreamers rejoice as Facepunch upped its game when it comes to hiding Newman's private parts. No longer must you rely on the temperamental pixelation of naughty bits - form fitting undergarments have been added as an option. To select, simply toggle the nudity setting on the bottom of the main options menu. Clatter HelmetA funky new helmet has made its way into the mix this month. To commemorate the launch of their newest game, Clatter, Facepunch has added this special item. Only available to those who purchase the game, the Clatter Helmet provides the same protection as a Bucket Helmet (and looks freaking cool to boot). Don’t expect to be prancing around after the fresh wipe in one of these quite yet as Clatter is not yet available for purchase on the Steam store. Stay tuned later in December once it releases for access to this exclusive new headgear. Ladders on cargo shipsBoarding the cargo ships which circle the waters of Rust has gotten a bit easier this update as ladders can now be placed anywhere on the cargo ship. AI TweaksThe AI in Rust has been buffed a bit with improvements to the NPC’s in Military Tunnels. Junkpile NPC’s will also now prefer to hug to cover rather than chase players over open terrain. Finally, when moving to maintain cover, it’s now ensured they are allowed to fire at will. Happy Birthday Rust!Rust is turning 5 in a couple days! To celebrate this occasion, a Birthday Cake item has been added. It functions similar to a Rock but deals a bit more damage. Word is you’ll spawn with this item on the actual birthday, December 11th. Other stuffOil rig monument didn’t quite make it in this month (expect to see it in the January update). Fixed ore spawn issues on custom maps with certain biome distributions Minor Hapis fixes / tweaks Storage boxes drop their items at the last position they took damage at
  15. Rustafied

    80 percent charged

    12:00am EST - Almost there! It’s a bit of a slow week for commits as the team is putting the final touches on the electricity update. We’ve seen commits trickle in so we are hopeful for a polished update with a smooth rollout. Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Wired upThe wire tool now notifies you of errors such as being too far and the like. You can now also place wires through walls. This should allow for some interesting creations. Hunting bowThe hunting bow has received a change this week. No longer during a fight where you are continuously firing arrows will you suddenly need to stop to reload your bow. Additionally, the bow should feel more responsive. M39We had a small preview video last week showing off this new military grade rifle, no word on it’s status yet as it hasn’t made it to the staging branch. Other stuffFurther improvements to scientist AI Electrical branch has UI menu Oilrig progress