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  1. Congrats winners! 1st Place: Warlord Ubba, JJSLAYIN 2nd Place: aNoNiM, iso 3rd Place: BruceTheGreat, aNoNiM
  2. Don't ask how I got 2 backpacks worth of stuff. Just know that i was able to
  3. US Casual: Wall of Pain Date: Jan. 25th 8 pm EST Make your way through the wall of pain while avoiding traps such as turrets, flame turrets, and shotgun traps. Rules and Info: Survive through the end and sit at the designated thrones for first, second and third place. If you fall off, you must get killed by a trap and/or respawn at the beginning to start over. Do not sabotage other players. If you fall down and didn't die, please don't coach the other players for directions on where to go to avoid or run into traps. Please run to the nearest trap to have yourself be respawned at spawn. If not, you will be killed if an admin sees you. Prizes: Additional round(s) is will be determined by admins if possible. 1st place: $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place: 5 supply signals for February wipe.
  4. Congratulations to all the winners! 1st place: DPIA, Crazie, Warlord Ubba ($10 RustEZ store credit) 2nd place: (tk)Twisted Kakiro, Lord Greenthumb, iso($5 RustEZ store credit) 3rd place: GhostQuartz, Bloo Luc, Monkeytheracer (5 supply signals) Thank you all for participating!! Love you all, long time ❤️
  5. US Scourge Panic Platforms Date: Jan. 16th 8 pm EST Rules and Info: The last 3 players will receive the top 3 prizes Players will be given a set of weapon, ammo, and meds (compound bow, 100 arrows, fire arrow. 10 meds). Each player will have ONE fire arrow that will instantly break a platform. Use them wisely! Everyone will start at the top of the structure and players will slowly fall down. The foundations are designed so that there are more missing platforms as you go down a level. This event is a Free-for-all style and the goal is to knock your opponents down out of the twig platforms. It is possible to fall multiple levels which could get you in a wounded state, if you don't get back up you are out, although you can try to convince other players to help you back up. If you hit the water or not in a twig platform you are out. If you fall and hit the next floor you may shoot the platforms above you if there are players above. If you are out, you may not shoot platforms any longer. Doing so will get you killed. Playing and standing on the wall frames will get you a disqualification. There will be two rounds. The top 3 winners of the first round may participate again for round 2 for fun but will be ineligible to win any of the top prizes. Prizes: 1st place: $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place: 5 supply signals
  6. Thank you all for participating! love you long time ❤️
  7. Knocking on Death's Door 3rd day Winners: 1st: Patriot Patricia ($10 RustEZ store credit) 2nd: jacktapper($5 RustEZ store credit) 3rd: Ljff5109 (5 signals) - [already delivered]
  8. Knocking on Death's Door 2nd day Winners: 1st: Degenerate Furry ($10 RustEZ store credit) 2nd:Tony ($5 RustEZ store credit) 3rd: ItsRickRoss(5 signals) - [already delivered]
  9. Knocking on Death's Door 1st day Winners: 1st: iso ($10 RustEZ store credit) 2nd: /r/the_Donald ($5 RustEZ store credit) 3rd: Syrvius (5 signals)
  10. US Scourge: Knocking on Death's Door Do you have what it takes to take on US Scourge's first-ever game show? Date: Jan. 4th, 5th, and 6th at 8 pm EST. 10 players will be confined into their own space with their own respective doors. Each door is attached to a random numbered switch on the board. When your door is opened, you are out! There will be 1 round each day and each day will battle for all the top prizes!! Rules and Info: Each player will take turns picking out a switch to try to open other contestants' door. Once your door is opened you are out of the game and must exit. Choose wisely! You could very well pick your own door switch! Previous winners are eligible to participate again if there is any lack of participants. Prizes for each day: 1st place: $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place: 5 supply signals
  11. US Scourge Boat wars winners: 1st Place: Hemomaniac & ThatOneGuy $10 RustEZ Store Credit 2nd Place: Vonblood $5 RustEZ Store Credit
  12. Scourge Boat Wars Team up with a friend to and take on other teams and try to survive and achieve total victory! Time: 7:30 PM EST Date: Nov 30th Rules & Info: There will be 3 rounds, winners of the first round will win 1st place prize, winner of the second round will win 2nd place and winner of the third round will win 3rd place. Maximum of 2 players per boat. 1 driver, 1 gunner. There must always be a driver on the boat at all times. Teammates can switch around between gunner and driver roles. Recommended but not required: Create a team with your friend to differentiate them from others DO NOT jump into another team's boat and destroy their vehicle from there, you and your team will be disqualified. No repairing the boats unless you find repair materials! Once your boat sinks, you are out! Players that had their boats destroyed must swim out of the arena and climb out via ladders place around the edge of the arena and cannot interfere with the others who are still participating. You will be provided a random weapon loadout via spinning wheel. (with wetsuit and food) 3-5 minutes into the boat wars, the center tower will open up and the loot within will be up for grabs. There you will find more ammo, guns, and some repair kits for your boats! One loot room per team! Driver must stay on the boat during this time. (try not to get your boat destroyed while you can't shoot back) You may find an empty boat dock to enter and do your boat repairs inside but during that time you cannot attack other boats until you exit the dock. PRIZES: Last 3 boats to survive will earn the top 3 prizes. 1 airdrop will be given next wipe (December wipe) to all other event participants as a participation gift. 1st place: $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place: 5 supply signals (for December wipe)
  13. US Scourge's Great Balloon Race! Date: Nov 20th Time: 7 pm EST Rules: MUST land the balloon within the designated landing area. First one to reach the landing zone wins. One player per balloon. No shooting down other players' balloon PRIZES: First 3 players to land within the zone will win the top prizes. 1st place: $10 RustEZ store credit 2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit 3rd place: 5 supply signals

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