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  1. I wish I could have taken part in this. Ohh the joy of working night shift.
  2. Hey there. I've noticed a lot of people creating public use spaces and just wanted to remind everyone of the /share command. This allows people to use your public benches and whatever else. I appreciate everyone trying to help others but please remember to /share or your items cannot be publicly used.
  3. Is this server dead? Not trying to be a dick, i just seem to be the only one on.
  4. Lol. I had to buy a m92 from the store to kill them lmao.
  5. smok3y4real247


    i think i stink or something.
  6. Best admins ever!! js. 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
  7. needs to happen more often. too much fun.
  8. I am unsure of where to post this lol. stacking seems to be back to vanilla like stacks. was this purposefully done?
  9. smok3y4real247

    whens wipe

    Basically you'll update rust and that's the wipe.

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