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  1. Just to add, it's not the image that is disappearing. It is the whole sign itself.
  2. Idk if it is a known bug but I have signs and paintings disappearing. Last wipe it was 2 portrait picture frames and this wipe I've had 1 small wooden sign disappear. It seems to be random. Sometimes I'm offline. The most recent, I was online and in my base.
  3. smok3y420


    the aliens are coming to get me. some one help pls.
  4. smok3y420

    hes so mad

  5. there is one near Q26 as well. idk whos making them but i thank them.
  6. i know they don't count except for the L96 but i'm happy overall.
  7. @Mindshadows if you're having an issue currently, let an admin on the server know.
  8. smok3y420

    Just saying.

    The rustez servers and its staff are the greatest.
  9. From my experience I would say no. I can get an elite crate after just four casts or go through 2 poles and get nothing. Its random as far as I can tell.
  10. Q26. Its pretty easy to find.
  11. Hope to see you in scourge!!
  12. smok3y420


    woot woot. not flyable but not broken.
  13. I wish I could have taken part in this. Ohh the joy of working night shift.
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    Hey there. I've noticed a lot of people creating public use spaces and just wanted to remind everyone of the /share command. This allows people to use your public benches and whatever else. I appreciate everyone trying to help others but please remember to /share or your items cannot be publicly used.
  15. smok3y420


    Is this server dead? Not trying to be a dick, i just seem to be the only one on.
  16. smok3y420


    Lol. I had to buy a m92 from the store to kill them lmao.
  17. smok3y420


    i think i stink or something.
  18. Best admins ever!! js. 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
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